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jacket englannista suomeksi

  1. kuori

  2. peittää kannella

  3. kotelo, päällinen, kansi

  4. vaippa

  5. pusakka, pikkutakki, takki

  6. pukeutua pikkutakkiin

  7. kruunu

  1. Substantiivi

  2. takki, pusakka

  3. takki, pikkutakki

  4. päällinen book; vaippa hot water tank, bullet etc.

  5. rikosrekisteri

  6. kuori

  7. Verbi

jacket englanniksi

  1. A piece of clothing worn on the upper body outside a shirt or blouse, often waist length to thigh length.

  2. A piece of a person's suit, beside trousers and, sometimes, waistcoat; coat (qualifier)

  3. A protective or insulating cover for an object (e.g. a book, hot water tank, bullet.)

  4. A police record.

  5. (quote-av)|role=Rodney Little|title=(w)|writer=(w) and (w)|publisher=(w); distributed by Studios|Universal Pictures|date=September 13, 1995|time=00:27:05|text=We got a crowd of black, white customers, out-of-state license plates, what have you. Somebody gonna check that out. They gonna drop a dime on me, call 911. And you know with my jacket I can't go back to jail.

  6. (quote-av)|role=Rocco Klein|title=(w)|writer=(w) and (w)|publisher=(w); distributed by Studios|Universal Pictures|date=September 13, 1995|time=00:43:50|text=Yo's jacket shows possession with intent, possession of unlicensed firearm, and assault, for which he still owes three years.

  7. 2014, Vice (film)|Inherent Vice, 01:54:00:

  8. "I need to look up somebody's jacket."
  9. In ordnance, a strengthening band surrounding and reinforcing the tube in which the charge is fired.

  10. The tough outer skin of a potato.

  11. ''Cook the potatoes in their jackets.''

  12. A bastard child, in particular one whose father is unaware that they are not the child’s biological father.

  13. A vest.

  14. To enclose or encase in a jacket or other covering.

  15. 1897, Alexander James Wallis-Tayler, ''Motor Cars Or Power-carriages for Common Roads''

  16. ...to...prevent...the loss of heat...there is also a layer of silicate cotton or slag wool. This latter material is also employed to jacket the chimney for a certain portion of its length.