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Henry englannista suomeksi

  1. Henry

  1. Heikki, Henrik historical persons

  2. Substantiivi

Henry englanniksi

  1. henry

  1. (given name), popular in England since Middle Ages; the name of eight kings.

  2. (RQ:Shakespeare Henry 6-): Act III, Scene I:

  3. And now I fear the fatal prophecy, / Which in the time of Henry, nam'd the Fifth, / Was in the mouth of every mocking babe; / That Henry born at Monmouth should win all; / And Henry born at Windsor should lose all.
  4. 1830 Russell Mitford|Mary Russell Mitford, ''Our Village: Fourth Series: Cottage Names:''

  5. Henry now, what a soft swain your Henry is! the proper theme of gentle poesy; a name to fall in love withal; devoted at the font to song and sonnet, and the tender passion; a baptized inamorato; a christened hero. Call him Harry, and see how you ameliorate his condition.
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  10. (surname), an anglicization of (m).

  11. (surname), an alternate anglicization of (m), (m), (m) (McHenry)

  12. (given name) borrowed from (der)

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  14. (given name), a less common spelling of Henri

  15. henry (gl)

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