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harvest englannista suomeksi

  1. viljasato

  2. korjata

  3. poistaa

  4. sadonkorjuu

  5. sato

  1. Substantiivi

  2. sadonkorjuuaika

  3. sadonkorjuu

  4. sato

  5. sato, tuotos

  6. sadonkorjuujuhla

  7. Verbi

  8. korjata

harvest englanniksi

  1. The third season of the year; autumn; fall.

  2. (ux)

  3. The season of gathering ripened crops; specifically, the time of reaping and gathering grain.

  4. The process of gathering the ripened crop; harvesting.

  5. The yield of harvesting, i.e., the gathered crops or fruits.

  6. (quote-book)

  7. ''This year's cotton harvest was great but the corn harvest was disastrous.''

  8. 1911, (w), ''The Whale Tooth''

  9. The frizzle-headed man-eaters were loath to leave their fleshpots so long as the harvest of human carcases was plentiful. Sometimes, when the harvest was too plentiful, they imposed on the missionaries by letting the word slip out that on such a day there would be a killing and a barbecue.
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  11. The product or result of any exertion or course of action; reward or consequences.

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  13. The pope's principal harvest was in the jubilee.
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  15. the harvest of a quiet eye
  16. A modern pagan ceremony held on or around the equinox, which is in the harvesting season.

  17. To in a harvest; reap; glean.

  18. To be occupied bringing in a harvest

  19. ''Harvesting is a stressing, thirsty occupation''

  20. To win, achieve a gain.

  21. ''The rising star harvested well-deserved acclaim, even an Oscar under 21''