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  1. (label) To what degree or extent.

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    ''The gauge indicated how hot the oven was.''

  3. (RQ:Churchill Celebrity)

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  5. How damaged is her self-esteem?
  6. (label) In what manner:

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  8. By what means.

  9. ''She showed him how to do it.''

  10. (n-g), (m).

  11. In what form, shape, measure, quantity, etc.

  12. 1831, Nicolas Wanostrocht, ''A Grammar of the French Language: With Practical Exercises'', page 372:

  13. How do you sell your brandy?   We sell it by the gallon, and not by the bottle.
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  15. How does God appear in these religions? Hinduism has a thousand faces for God, some likable, some horrible. You can pick and choose your preferred image. Buddhism does not even have an image of God, but concentrates on man.
  16. With what meaning or effect.

  17. ''How the stock market interprets events has real consequences.''

  18. 1906, ''Gibbons Stamp Weekly'', page 110:

  19. A heap of stamps? Yes. Stamps they were indeed, hundreds of penny Queen's Heads neatly mounted on the original sheets. "Good God!" exclaimed Mr. Erskine as he turned to Mr. Sackville, "how am I to take this, sir?" said he severely. "Where are the real stamps? Were they ever inside, ever in your possession at all? If it is a joke, it is a very poor one."
  20. By what title or what name.

  21. 1907, Edward Byles Cowell, ''The Jātaka: Or, Stories of the Buddha's Former Births'', page 44:

  22. "How art thou called? Thy name make known; Thy father&39;s name and family,—tell me thy father&39;s and thine own."
  23. 2015, Edmond H. Weiss, ''The Elements of International English Style: A Guide to Writing Correspondence, Reports, Technical Documents, and Internet Pages for a Global Audience'', Routledge ((ISBN)), page 111:

  24. Salutation—How does one address the recipient; what titles, greetings, and honorifics are preferred; how does one manage the problem of unknown gender;(..)
  25. At what price, for what amount (of money).

  26. (RQ:Shakespeare Henry 4-2)

  27. (label) In what state or condition.

  28. 2016, VOA Learning English (public domain)

  29. How's the new apartment? — The new apartment is great!
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  31. (quote-song)|album=(w)|artist=(w)|passage=Those were such happy times and not so long ago / How I wondered where they'd gone

  32. *(quote-web)|work=BBC Sport|url=|title=England 2-1 Denmark|passage=How England had to fight for victory against this steely Denmark with an inspired keeper in (w), especially after conceding their first goal of the tournament to (w)'s stunning free-kick after 30 minutes.

  33. The manner or way in which.

  34. ''I remember how I solved this puzzle.''

  35. In any way in which; in whatever way; however.

  36. ''People should be free to live how they want.''

  37. That, the fact that.

  38. 2010 April 24, Jesse McKinley, “Don’t Call It ‘Pot’ in This Circle; It’s a Profession”, in ''New York Times|The New York Times'', page A1:

  39. “There’s this real Al Capone fear that they’re going to get our guys, not on marijuana, but on something else,” Mr. Edson said, referring to how Capone was eventually charged with tax evasion rather than criminal activity.

    ''She told me how her father was a doctor.''

  40. The means by which something is accomplished.

  41. ''I am not interested in the why, but in the how.''

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  44. An artificial barrow or tumulus.

  45. A small hill in northern England. (Usage preserved mainly in place names.)

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  47. yes

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