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fairy englannista suomeksi

  1. keijukainen, haltijatar

  2. hinuri

  1. Substantiivi

  2. keiju, keijukainen small with wings; haltija|m, haltijatar|f, human-like

  3. hintti, naismainen mies

fairy englanniksi

  1. The realm of faerie; enchantment, illusion.

  2. A mythical being with magical powers, known in many sizes and descriptions, although often depicted in modern illustrations only as a small sprite with gauze-like wings, and revered in some modern forms of paganism.

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  4. An enchantress, or creature of overpowering charm.

  5. A male homosexual, especially one who is effeminate.

  6. 1933, (w),'' 'Miss Lonelyhearts' '' ''Lonelyhearts is male.''

  7. The cripple returned the smile and stuck out his hand. Miss Lonelyhearts clasped it, and they stood this way, smiling and holding hands, until Mrs. Doyle reëntered the room. "What a sweet pair of fairies you guys are," she said. The cripple pulled his hand away and made as though to strike his wife.
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  9. A member of two species of hummingbird in the genus ''Heliothryx''.

  10. A legendary Chinese immortal.

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  12. Like a fairy; fanciful, whimsical, delicate.

  13. (RQ:Landon Romance)….—a large cashmere shawl, with its border of roses, thrown carelessly on a chair—a crimson cushion, where lay sleeping a Blenheim dog, almost small enough to have passed through the royal ring in that most fairy tale of the White Cat:—all bespoke a lady's room.

  14. liquid, soap

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