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him englanniksi

  1. (ISO 639)

  2. (non-gloss definition)

  3. With dative effect or as an indirect object. (defdate)

  4. (quote-book)|title=A piſtle to the Chriſten reader(..)|year=1529|passage=(..)therfoꝛ Chꝛiſt wold not call him abominable / But the verye abomination it ſilf.

  5. (RQ:Stoker Dracula)

  6. Following a preposition. (defdate)

  7. (RQ:Austen Pride and Prejudice)

  8. With accusative effect or as a direct object. (defdate)

  9. (RQ:Dickens Bleak House)

  10. Used reflexively: (to) himself. (defdate)

  11. (RQ:Tyndale NT)

  12. 1765, Goldsmith|Oliver Goldsmith, ''Traveller, or, A Prospect of Society|The traveller, or, A prospect of society''

  13. Though poor the peasant’s hut, his feasts though small,
    He sees his little lot the lot of all;
    But calm, and bred in ignorance and toil,
    Each wish contracting, fits him to the soil.
  14. With nominative effect: he, especially as a predicate after (m), or following a preposition. (defdate)

  15. (RQ:Shakespeare Macbeth)

  16. 2003, Claire Cozens, ''The Guardian'', 11 Jun 2003:

  17. Lowe quit the West Wing last year amid rumours that he was unhappy that his co-stars earned more than him.
  18. (alternative case form of)

  19. A male person or animal.

  20. (ux)

  21. 1985, (w), ''Sorties'' (translated)

  22. (..) daring dizzying passages in other, fleeting and passionate dwellings within the hims and hers whom she inhabits (..)
  23. 2004, (w), I Am Charlotte Simmons: A Novel

  24. Both hims took a good look at him.
  25. (quote-book)

  26. water

  27. (h-prothesis of)

  28. ''third-person masculine singular, dative'': him, to him

  29. ''Ech baken him e Kuch.''

    I'm baking him a cake.

  30. ''third-person neuter singular, dative'': her, to her; (rarely: it, to it)

  31. ''Hie war gëschter mat him am Kino.''

    He went to the cinema with her yesterday.

  32. (senseid) (n-g) (l).

  33. himself.

  34. (RQ:Judas)

  35. (n-g) (l).

  36. (n-g) (l), you.

  37. (alt form)

  38. safe

  39. unscathed

  40. (alt form)

  41. (inflection of): him

  42. (inflection of): it

  43. (inflection of): them

  44. (inflection of); him

  45. to work

  46. (inflection of)