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her englanniksi

  1. (ISO 639)

  2. Belonging to her (belonging to that female, or in poetic or old-fashioned language that ship, city, season, etc).

  3. ''This is her book''

  4. 1928, ''The Journal of the American Dental Association'', page 765:

  5. Prodigal in everything, summer spreads her blessings with lavish unconcern, and waving her magic wand across the landscape of the world, she bids the sons of men to enter in ...
  6. (quote-book)

  7. 2001, Betsy Gould Hearne, ''Wishes, Kisses, and Pigs'', Simon and Schuster ((ISBN)), page 78:

  8. On top of the circle she wrote her name, Louise, just above where the 12 on a clock would be.
  9. 2010, Andrew Lambert, ''Nelson: Britannia's God of War'', Faber & Faber ((ISBN)):

  10. On 24 April Nelson rejoined his ship, her battle damage repaired (..)
  11. Belonging to a person of unspecified gender (q).

  12. 2017, David Yellin, ''Essentials of Integrating the Language Arts'' (page 115)

  13. Begin by having students choose a short poem to memorize; they will enjoy searching the library for a poem that appeals to them. If a student wishes to memorize her poem and share it aloud with the rest of the class, suggest a buddy system.
  14. The form of ''she'' used after a preposition, as the object of a verb, or (deprecated) with a conjunction; that woman, that ship, etc.

  15. ''Give it to her'' (qualifier)

    ''He wrote her a letter'' (qualifier)

    ''He treated her for a cold'' (qualifier)

    ''Him and her went for a walk'' (qualifier)

  16. February 1896, ''Ground-swells'', by Jeannette H. Walworth, published in ''Lippincott's Monthly Magazine''; page 183:

  17. "Then what became of her?"
    "Her? Which ‘her’? The park is full of ‘hers’."
    "The lady with the green feathers in her hat. A big Gainsborough hat. I am quite sure it was Miss Hartuff."
  18. 1950, C. S. Lewis, ''The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe''

  19. "It's all right," he was shouting. "Come out, Mrs. Beaver. Come out, Sons and Daughters of Adam and Eve. It's all right! It isn't ''her''!" This was bad grammar of course, but that is how beavers talk when they are excited; I mean, in Narnia—in our world they usually don't talk at all.
  20. 2013, James Tully, ''The Crimes of Charlotte Brontë''

  21. Everyday I had to watch as him and her went off for long walks together, and each night I had to go to my lonely, cold bed with the thought that they were sharing the same one
  22. A female person or animal.

  23. ''I think this bird is a him, but it may be a her.''

  24. 1986, (w), ''Sorties'' (translated)

  25. (..) daring dizzying passages in other, fleeting and passionate dwellings within the hims and hers whom she inhabits (..)
  26. iron

  27. (mixed mutation of)

  28. (inflection of)

  29. here

  30. (senseid)hither, to this place, to here, to me/us

  31. ago

  32. (romanization of)

  33. army, military

  34. (senseid) a hair (gl)

  35. (RQ:Wycliffe NT Lichfield)

  36. (RQ:Chaucer Canterbury Tales)

  37. hair (gloss)

  38. (quote-book)|title=(w)|chapter=(w)|line= 3690-3691|passage=But first he cheweth greyn and lycorys / To smellen sweete, er he hadde kembd his heer.

  39. pelt, hide, animal skin

  40. Something similar in appearance to hair (gloss)

  41. small part, any part (gloss)

  42. (alt form)

  43. (infl of)

  44. (l): ''third-person singular, feminine, objective''

  45. (l): ''third-person singular, feminine, possesive''

  46. every, each

  47. anyone

  48. anyway

  49. ''Det er fint å vera her.''

    It's nice to be here.

  50. just now, recently

  51. ''Eg såg ho her ein dag.''

    I saw her just the other day.

  52. (nn-former)

  53. late 10th century, of Eynsham|Ælfric, ''English Hexateuch|the Old English Hexateuch'', Genesis 46:2

  54. (quote)
  55. hair

  56. gray-haired, old

  57. noble, venerable

  58. (alt form)

  59. every

  60. each

  61. challenge

  62. (l)

  63. donkey