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alright englannista suomeksi

  1. kunnossa, hyvä on

  2. varmasti, ilman muuta

  3. oikein

alright englanniksi

  1. (alternative form of); satisfactory; okay; in acceptable order.

  2. (syn)

  3. 1662 : ''Cantus, songs and fancies, to three, four, or five parts, both apt for voices and viols : with a brief introduction to musick, as is taught by Thomas Davidson, in the Musick-School of Aberdene'' by Thomas Davidson, iii. sig. B/1

  4. Where ever I go, both to and fro
    You have my heart alright.
  5. 1922 : ''(Joyce)|Ulysses'' by Joyce|James Joyce, chapter 18

  6. …if I went by his advices every blessed hat I put on does that suit me yes take that thats alright the one like a wedding cake standing up miles off my head…
  7. 1932 : "Goodbye, Christ" by Hughes|Langston Hughes

  8. You did alright in your day, I reckon—
    But that day's gone now.
  9. 1939 : ''Wake|Finnegans Wake'' by Joyce|James Joyce, chapter 1.40

  10. Bladyughfoulmoecklenburgwhurawhorascortastrumpapornanennykocksapastippatappatupperstrippuckputtanach, eh? You have it alright.
  11. 2000 : ''House of Leaves'' by Z. Danielewski|Mark Z. Danielewski, page 105

  12. "You're alright Johnny," she said in a way that actually made him feel alright. At least for a little while.
  13. (alternative form of).

  14. (n-g) OK.

  15. (non-gloss definition); hello; are you.