suomi-englanti sanakirja

singular englannista suomeksi

  1. tavaton, harvinainen, ainutlaatuinen
  2. ainoa
  3. yksityinen, yksittäinen
  4. uniikki, yksi ainoa
  5. yksikkö-, yksiköllinen
  6. yksikkö
  7. merkillinen
  1. yksittäinen

  2. ainutlaatuinen, uniikki

  3. erinomainen, tavaton

  4. harvinainen, merkillinen, omituinen, kummallinen

  5. yksiköllinen

  6. singulaarinen

  7. Substantiivi

  8. yksikkö

singular englanniksi

  1. Being only one of a larger population.

  2. (ux)



  3. Being the only one of the kind; unique.

  4. (rfdatek)

  5. These busts of the emperors and empresses are all very scarce, and some of them almost singular in their kind.
    And God forbid that all a company / Should rue a singular man's folly.


  6. Distinguished by superiority: peerless, unmatched, eminent, exceptional, extraordinary.

  7. Out of the ordinary; curious.

  8. So singular a sadness / Must have a cause as strange as the effect.
    His zeal / None seconded, as out of season judged, / Or singular and rash.
  9. Referring to only one thing or person.

  10. Having no inverse.

  11. Having the property that the matrix of coefficients of the new variables has a determinant equal to zero.

  12. Not equal to its own (l).

  13. Each; individual.

  14. Engaged in by only one on a side; single.

  15. to try the matter thus together in a singular combat
  16. A form of a word that refers to only one person or thing.

  17. That which is not general; a specific determinate instance.

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