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er englanniksi

  1. Er

  2. ER

  1. (non-gloss definition)

  2. *2012, Linda Miller, ''Desire and Destiny'':

  3. If he—er—disappears—well, it seems to me that we'd both benefit.
  4. 2019 December 10, Club Games|Yacht Club Games, "Story" (Mona), in ''Knight|Shovel Knight Showdown'' (version 4.1), Switch|Nintendo Switch:

  5. (quote)
  6. To utter the word "er" when hesitating in speech, found in the phrase um and er.

  7. ''He ummed and erred his way through the presentation.''

  8. (Latn-def)

  9. he; it

  10. he

  11. (contraction of)

  12. he, it

  13. eagle

  14. heir

  15. (soft mutation of)

  16. every

  17. (present tense of)

  18. there (gloss)

  19. it; him, her, them.

  20. ''Ik heb ermee gewerkt.''

    I have worked with it/them.

    ''Je kunt er de bergen boven zien.''

    You can see the mountains above it/them.

  21. of them, of those (often not translated in English)

  22. ''Mijn broer heeft drie kinderen en ik heb er twee.''

    My brother has three children and I have two. (''literally:'' two of those)

    ''Ik zie er geen meer.''

    I don't see any more (of them).

  23. water

  24. (inflection of)

  25. (ux)

  26. he.

  27. (audio) (uxi)

  28. it (when the grammatical gender of the object/article/thing/animal etc., being referred to, is masculine ((m))).

  29. she (when the grammatical gender of the noun being referred to and designating a female person, is masculine ((m))).

  30. (uxi)

  31. (alt sp)

  32. (rfdate), (w), ''Geschichte vom braven Kasperl und dem schönen Annerl'' (edited). In: 1835, F. W. Gubitz (editor), ''Jahrbuch des Nützlichen und Unterhaltenden für 1835'', p. 171:

  33. (quote)
  34. (quote-book)| title=Kinder- und Haus-Märchen, Band 2| chapter=Der junge Riese| url=| page=27| text=Da sprach er „Vater, ich sehe wohl, bei ihm werd ich nicht satt, will er mir einen Stab von Eisen verschaffen, der stark ist, und den ich vor meinen Knien nicht zerbrechen kann, so will ich wieder fort gehen.“ Da war der Bauer froh, und spannte seine zwei Pferde vor den Wagen, fuhr zum Schmied, und holte einen Stab so groß und dick, als ihn die zwei Pferde nur fahren konnten.

  35. (ux) er skemmtilegur.|I am fun (masculine)

    (ux)?|Who am I?

    (ux) einhver hvar (l) minn er?|Does anybody know where my dad is?

    (ux)?|Who is he?

  36. which

  37. (ux) (l) , er Jón heitir.|There is a man who is named John.

    (ux) (l)við.|The woman to whom he was talking.

    (ux) borgin, er (l) kom frá.|This is the city from which he originated.

  38. in relations with a pronoun (this, that, these) or pronoun (I, we, they), which represents the genitive of a pronoun.

  39. (ux) þekkja eigi höfund hennar.|There is a book whose author people don't know.

  40. of a place, of a time

  41. Judges 2:19

  42. (alternative form of), (n-g)

  43. (n-g)

  44. hedgehog

  45. (non-gloss definition)''.

  46. (non-gloss definition)/(l).

  47. (alternative spelling of)

  48. (nonstandard spelling of)

  49. on

  50. onto

  51. during

  52. for

  53. on him/it

  54. (form of)

  55. early

  56. earlier

  57. formerly

  58. rather

  59. (alt form)

  60. (alternative form of)

  61. he, it

  62. (present tense of) (''=to be'')

  63. is, are, am (present of to be) (nn-verb-form of)

  64. be

  65. before, earlier than

  66. ere, afore

  67. previously, in an earlier period, in a bygone time

  68. earlier, before a certain time or period

  69. earlier, previously

  70. (q) before

  71. ere, before

  72. before, until

  73. before

  74. ore

  75. brass

  76. who, which, that

  77. verse 76 of the ''Hávamál'' (1996 translation by Carolyne Larrington)

  78. where

  79. when

  80. (senseid) (inflection of)

  81. before, ere

  82. copper, bronze

  83. messenger, herald

  84. (n-g)

  85. is, are

  86. man

  87. (a) early

  88. morning

  89. (a) long time ago

  90. Second-person simple present form of ''ti be''

  91. Plural simple present form of ''ti be''

  92. First-person singular simple present form of an obscure form of ''ti be''

  93. ''A'm er so!''

  94. you ''(plural, object)''

  95. (syn)

  96. your, yours; (speaking to more than one person, about one object)

  97. early

  98. brave

  99. man, male

  100. noble

  101. conscript, private (gloss)

  102. tribesman

  103. warrior

  104. (tr-verb form of)

  105. man (c)

  106. husband (c)

  107. (ant)

  108. although

  109. (quote-journal)

  110. (inflection of) used before the object or after the verb.