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heir englannista suomeksi

  1. manttelinperijä, vallanperijä, perijä, seuraaja

  2. perillinen, kruununperillinen

  1. Substantiivi

  2. perillinen, perijä

  3. perillinen, vallanperijä, kruununperillinen

  4. seuraaja, manttelinperijä

  5. Verbi

heir englanniksi

  1. Someone who inherits, or is designated to inherit, the property of another.

  2. *(RQ:Shakespeare Taming of the Shrew)

  3. (quote-book)|title=(w)|chapter=1

  4. One who inherits, or has been designated to inherit, a hereditary title or office.

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  6. A successor in a role, representing continuity with the predecessor.

  7. (RQ:Pope Odyssey)

  8. (RQ:Chambers Younger Set)and the Tenth Street house wasn't half big enough; and a dreadful speculative builder built this house and persuaded Austin to buy it. Oh, dear, and here we are among the rich and great; and the steel kings and copper kings and oil kings and their heirs and dauphins.(nb..)"

  9. (quote-journal)| title=What a waste| passage=India is run by gerontocrats and epigones: grey hairs and groomed heirs.

  10. To inherit.

  11. 1950, quoted in ''Our Garst family in America'' (page 27)

  12. (..) Leonard Houtz & John Myer to be executors to this my last will & testament & lastly my children shall heir equally, one as much as the other.
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  14. heir

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