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smell englannista suomeksi

  1. vaikuttaa, haiskahtaa

  2. haista, lemahtaa

  3. haju

  4. haistaa, haistella

  5. tuoksua

  6. hajuaisti

  7. haistaminen

  1. Substantiivi

  2. haju, katku, käry smell of burning

  3. hajuaisti

  4. Verbi

  5. haistaa

  6. tuoksua, haista unpleasant

smell englanniksi

  1. A sensation, pleasant or unpleasant, detected by inhaling air (or, the case of water-breathing animals, water) carrying airborne molecules of a substance.

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  4. The penetrating smell of cabbage reached the nose of Toad as he lay prostrate in his misery on the floor, and gave him the idea for a moment that perhaps life was not such a blank and desperate thing as he had imagined. But still he wailed, and kicked with his legs, and refused to be comforted. So the wise girl retired for the time, but, of course, a good deal of the smell of hot cabbage remained behind, as it will do, and Toad, between his sobs, sniffed and reflected, and gradually began to think new and inspiring thoughts: of chivalry, and poetry...
  5. The sense that detects odours.

  6. A conclusion or intuition that a situation is wrong, more complex than it seems, or otherwise inappropriate.

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  8. “I’m just saying, this has a bad smell to it.”
  9. To sense a smell or smells.

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  11. ''Followed by'' (l) ''or'' (l) ''if descriptive'': to have a particular smell, whether good or bad.

  12. (quote-book)|chapter=8

  13. To smell bad; to stink.

  14. To have a particular tincture or smack of any quality; to savour.

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  16. Praises in an enemy are superfluous, or smell of craft.
  17. To exercise sagacity.

  18. (rfquotek)

  19. To detect or perceive; often with ''out''.

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  21. To give heed to.

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  23. From that time forward I began to smell the Word of God, and forsook the school doctors.
  24. To smell off; to have a smell of

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  27. a (l) (qualifier)

  28. a (l), an (l)