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smell englannista suomeksi

  1. vaikuttaa, haiskahtaa

  2. haista, lemahtaa

  3. haju

  4. haistaa, haistella

  5. tuoksua

  6. hajuaisti

  7. haistaminen

  1. Substantiivi

  2. tuoksu pleasant, haju usually unpleasant, katku unpleasant smell of burning, käry smell of burning, kitku unpleasant smell of burning, lemu unpleasant, dunkkis slang, döfis slang, löyhkä very unpleasant, haisu, aromi pleasant smell of food

  3. hajuaisti

  4. Verbi

  5. haistaa

  6. tuoksua pleasant, haista usually unpleasant, löyhkätä unpleasant, lemuta unpleasant, döfätä slang

  7. haistaa, aavistaa

smell englanniksi

  1. A sensation, pleasant or unpleasant, detected by inhaling air (or, the case of water-breathing animals, water) carrying airborne molecules of a substance.

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  4. The sense that detects odours.

  5. A conclusion or intuition that a situation is wrong, more complex than it seems, or otherwise inappropriate.

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  7. “I’m just saying, this has a bad smell to it.”
  8. To sense a smell or smells.

  9. (synonyms)

  10. ''Followed by'' (l) ''or'' (l) ''if descriptive'': to have a particular smell, whether good or bad.

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  12. To smell bad; to stink.

  13. To have a particular tincture or smack of any quality; to savour.

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  15. To detect or perceive; often with ''out''.

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  17. To give heed to.

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  19. To smell of; to have a smell of

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  21. (verb form of)

  22. a (l) (qualifier)

  23. a (l), an (l)