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bar englannista suomeksi

  1. salvata

  2. kieltää

  3. asianajajakunta

  4. kalteri, puomi, kisko, palkki

  5. sulkea pois, estää

  6. kapakka, anniskelupaikka, baari

  7. tanko

  8. baaritiski, tiski

  9. kaide, aita

  10. raita

  11. patukka, pala

  12. tahtiviiva, tahti

  13. matalikko, hiekkasärkkä

  14. ylärima, poikkipuu

  15. teljetä, tukkia

  16. kielto, esto

  17. lämmitysvastus

  1. Substantiivi

  2. Verbi

bar englanniksi

  1. BAR

  1. A solid, more or less rigid object of metal or wood with a uniform cross-section smaller than its length.

  2. (ux-lite)

  3. A solid metal object with uniform (round, square, hexagonal, octagonal or rectangular) cross-section; in the US its smallest dimension is (frac) inch or greater, a piece of thinner material being called a strip.

  4. A cuboid piece of any solid commodity.

  5. A broad shaft, band, or stripe.

  6. A long, narrow drawn or printed rectangle, cuboid or cylinder, especially as used in a code or a chart.

  7. Any of various lines used as punctuation or diacritics, such as the pipe ⟨{{!⟩, bar (as in 12), and strikethrough (as in Ⱥ), formerly (label) including oblique marks such as the slash.

  8. (hypo)

  9. The sign indicating that the characteristic of a logarithm is negative, conventionally placed above the digit(s) to show that it applies to the characteristic only and not to the mantissa.

  10. A similar sign indicating that the charge on a particle is the negative of its usual value (and that consequently the particle is in fact an antiparticle).

  11. (senseid) A business selling alcoholic drinks for consumption on the premises, or the premises themselves; a house.

  12. (syn)

  13. (senseid) The counter of such premises.

  14. A counter, or simply a cabinet, from which alcoholic drinks are served in a private house or a hotel room.

  15. , (m-lite), etc. Premises or a counter serving any type of beverage.

  16. An establishment where alcohol and sometimes other refreshments are served.

  17. An informal establishment selling food to be consumed on the premises.

  18. An establishment offering cosmetic services.

  19. An official order or pronouncement that prohibits some activity.

  20. Anything that obstructs, hinders, or prevents; an obstruction; a barrier.

  21. (RQ:Dryden Aureng-zebe)

  22. 2013, Terence Dillon, ''A Long Way Home'' (page 184)

  23. Mr Harding could look back on his initial judgement of Paul's talent with great satisfaction while Paul could reflect that to be Irish was not necessarily a bar to progress.
  24. A variable representing an unspecified entity, often the second in a series, following (m-lite).

  25. A dividing line (physical or notional) in the chamber of a legislature beyond which only members and officials may pass.

  26. The railing surrounding the part of a courtroom in which the judges, lawyers, defendants and witnesses stay.

  27. The exam, the legal licensing exam.

  28. Collectively, lawyers or the legal profession; specifically applied to barristers in some countries, but including all lawyers in others.

  29. One of an array of bar-shaped symbols that display the level of something, such as wireless signal strength or battery life remaining.

  30. A vertical line across a musical staff dividing written music into sections, typically of equal durational value.

  31. One of those musical sections.

  32. A horizontal pole that must be crossed in the jump and vault.

  33. Any level of achievement regarded as a challenge to be overcome.

  34. The crossbar.

  35. {{quote-journal|en|date=December 29, 2010

  36. The central divider between the inner and outer table of a backgammon board, where stones are placed if they are hit.

  37. An addition to a military medal, on account of a subsequent act.

  38. A linear shoaling landform feature within a of water.

  39. A ridge or succession of ridges of sand or other substance, especially a formation extending across the mouth of a river or harbor or off a beach, and which may obstruct navigation. (FM 55-501).

  40. One of the ordinaries in heraldry; a diminutive of a fess.

  41. A city gate, in some British place names.

  42. (ux-lite)

  43. A drilling or tamping rod.

  44. A vein or dike crossing a lode.

  45. A gatehouse of a castle or fortified town.

  46. The part of the crust of a horse's hoof which is bent inwards towards the frog at the heel on each side, and extends into the centre of the sole.

  47. The space between the tusks and grinders in the upper jaw of a horse, in which the bit is placed.

  48. A measure of drugs, typically one ounce.

  49. (RQ:Welsh Trainspotting)

  50. (senseid) To obstruct the passage of (someone or something).

  51. (RQ:Noyes Poems)

  52. To prohibit.

  53. To lock or bolt with a bar.

  54. To imprint or paint with bars, to stripe.

  55. (RQ:Conrad Heart of Darkness)

  56. Except, than, besides.

  57. (quote-book)|publisher=H. John Edwards|location=Sydney|chapter=I|page=5|text="I might be a fool," the younger man admitted quietly, "even an idiot, but there's not a person living, bar you, who possess the courage to call me a weakling, Sir."

  58. (quote-journal)

  59. (non-gloss definition)

  60. A non-SI unit of pressure equal to 100,000 pascals, approximately equal to atmospheric pressure at sea level.

  61. night

  62. age

  63. barren

  64. grass

  65. tasteless food

  66. medicine, medication, medicinal plant

  67. cure, palliative, solution

  68. marijuana, likely a calque from English or French

  69. fruit

  70. crop, harvest, yield

  71. fruit (gl)

  72. burden

  73. (l-lite) (gl) Category:az:Restaurants

  74. bar (gloss)

  75. bar (gloss)

  76. we

  77. is, are, (n-g)

  78. (ant)

  79. (inflection of)

  80. bar, a non-SI unit of pressure equal to 100,000 pascals

  81. to drink

  82. bare, naked

  83. sheer, pure

  84. bar (q)

  85. A bar, counter, cabinet.

  86. A bar, pub serving alcohol.

  87. harsh, tough (gloss), or (m-lite)

  88. barren, inhospitable, bare

  89. crude, grim, unfriendly

  90. extremely (qualifier)

  91. bar (a unit of pressure, equal to 100,000 pascals)

  92. he, it bore, carried: (n-g-lite)

  93. bass (gloss)

  94. bar, shop, café, pub (q)

  95. bare

  96. in cash

  97. pure

  98. (''+genitive'') without

  99. (obsolete form of)

  100. (romanization of)

  101. bar (gloss)

  102. a counter where a buffet or a specialized kind of food is offered

  103. bar, pub: an establishment where alcohol and sometimes other refreshments are served.

  104. bar: a non-SI unit of pressure equal to 100,000 pascals, approximately equal to atmospheric pressure at sea level.

  105. café

  106. (lv-inflection of)

  107. (qualifier)'' (lv-inflection of)

  108. empty

  109. again

  110. also

  111. more

  112. head

  113. rock

  114. top; tip

  115. (alt form)

  116. burden (gloss)

  117. 2014, "Ikke provosèr ham", by Inger Torill Jørgensen, eBokNorden AS (ISBN)

  118. (quote)
  119. a bar (q)

  120. the needles of the conifers, twigs and branches of conifers

  121. (infl of)

  122. 1860, Olavsson Vinje|Aasmund Olavsson Vinje, "Vaaren":

  123. Derfor eg fann millom Bjørkar og Bar i Vaaren ei Gaata (..)
    : Therefore I found, between the birches and conifers, in spring a riddle (..)
  124. (nn-former)

  125. boar

  126. (alt form)

  127. bar, bar, buffet

  128. bar (gl)

  129. barium

  130. pub; (l) (gloss)

  131. (l) (gloss)

  132. enclosure

  133. bar

  134. house, bar

  135. least

  136. millet (''italica'')

  137. millet (''glaucum'')

  138. though

  139. otherwise, for else

  140. (alternative spelling of)

  141. bare, uncovered; not covered by e.g. clothes (about people), fur (about certain animals) or a snow cover (about the ground)

  142. (sv-verb-form-past)

  143. (senseid) a bar, pub; place where mainly alcoholic drinks are served.

  144. a bar, a bar counter

  145. A bar; a unit of pressure

  146. exam

  147. iron or steel bar

  148. dance, round dance

  149. door

  150. load, burden