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shoal englannista suomeksi

  1. mataloittaa

  2. parvi

  3. särkkä, hiekkasärkkä

  4. mataloitua

  5. matalikko

  1. särkkä

  2. matalikko

shoal englanniksi

  1. Shallow.

  2. (ux)

  3. 1819, Lord Byron, ''Don Juan'', III.19:

  4. But that part of the coast being shoal and bare, / And rough with reefs which ran out many a mile, / His port lay on the other side o' the isle.
  5. A sandbank or sandbar creating a shallow.

  6. (quote-book)

  7. (RQ:Dryden Virgil)

  8. The god himself with ready trident stands, / And opes the deep, and spreads the moving sands, / Then heaves them off the shoals.
  9. A shallow in a body of water.

  10. (RQ:Mortimer Husbandr)

  11. The depth of your pond should be six feet; and on the sides some shoals for the fish to sun themselves in and to lay their spawn.
  12. (RQ:Shakespeare Henry 8)

  13. To arrive at a shallow (or less deep) area.

  14. To cause a shallowing; to come to a more shallow part of.

  15. 1859, Matthew Fontaine Maury, ''Explanations and Sailing Directions to Accompany the Wind and Current Charts''

  16. Noting the rate at which she shoals her water -(..)
  17. To become shallow.

  18. Any large number of persons or things.

  19. (RQ:Bacon Essayes)

  20. A large number of fish (or other sea creatures) of the same species swimming together.

  21. c. 1661, (w), ''On St. James's Park''

  22. Beneath, a shoal of silver fishes glides.
  23. To collect in a shoal; to throng.

  24. ''The fish shoaled about the place.''