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profession englannista suomeksi

  1. tunnustaminen, tunnustus, uskontunnustus

  2. työ, ammatti

  3. ammattikunta

  1. Substantiivi

  2. uskontunnustus of faith, julistus, vakuutus of opinion

  3. ammatti

  4. ammattikunta, professio

  5. lupaus

profession englanniksi

  1. ''Declaration of faith.''

  2. A promise or vow made on entering a religious order. (defdate)

  3. (ux)

  4. {{quote-text|en|year=1796|author=Matthew Lewis|title=The Monk|page=27|publisher=Folio Society|year_published=1985

  5. The declaration of belief in the principles of a religion; hence, one's faith or religion. (defdate)

  6. *1780, (w), letter, 12 June:

  7. I congratulate you upon the wisdom that withheld you from entering yourself a member of the Protestant Association (..) it is likely to bring an odium upon the profession they make, that will not soon be forgotten.
  8. Any declaration of belief, faith or one's opinion, whether genuine or (as now often implied) pretended. (defdate)

  9. (RQ:Landon Ethel Churchill)

  10. ''Professional occupation.''

  11. An occupation, trade, craft, or activity in which one has a professed expertise in a particular area; a job, especially one requiring a high level of skill or training. (defdate)

  12. (RQ:Shaw Cashel Byron's Profession)

  13. The practitioners of such an occupation collectively. (defdate)

  14. (l), public declaration

  15. ''Toute profession d'incrédulité (...) sera poursuivie comme outrage à la religion et scandale pour les mœurs.'' (Proudhon, Révol. soc., 1852)

  16. (l), public declaration of faith

  17. ''D'une voix altérée, il prononça la profession de foi musulmane, comme pour se prémunir contre une tentation qu'il redoutait sans pouvoir la préciser.'' (Du Camp, Nil, 1854)

  18. (l), occupation, trade, craft, activity

  19. ''une profession lucrative.''

  20. (l), practitioners of a profession collectively

  21. (l); declaration (usually of faith)