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solution englannista suomeksi

  1. liuos

  2. ratkaisu

  3. ratkaiseminen

  1. Substantiivi

  2. liuos

  3. ratkaisu

  4. hyvitys

  5. Verbi

solution englanniksi

  1. A homogeneous mixture, which may be liquid, gas or solid, formed by dissolving one or more substances.

  2. An act, plan or other means, used or proposed, to solve a problem.

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  4. (quote-book)|url=|isbn=9781489926296|passage= The fourth model is called the enlightment model: Actors are seen to be responsible for problems but unable or unwilling to provide solutions. They are believed to need discipline provided by authoritative guidance. The Alcoholic Anonymous(si) groups are considered prototypical for this model.

  5. An answer to a problem.

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  9. A product, service or suite thereof, especially software.

  10. Satisfaction of a claim or debt.

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  12. The act of dissolving, especially of a solid by a fluid; dissolution.

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  14. This accounts for the very rapid vegetation in the northern latitudes, after the solution of the snows.
  15. The crisis of a disease.

  16. To treat with a solution.

  17. solution

  18. (coi)

  19. liquid mix