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suite englannista suomeksi

  1. seurue

  2. sviitti

  3. orkesterisarja, sarja

  4. kalusto

  1. Substantiivi

  2. seurue

  3. sarja

  4. sviitti

  5. sarja, sarjateos

  6. Verbi

suite englanniksi

  1. A retinue or company of attendants, as of a distinguished personage

  2. ''the ambassador's suite''

  3. A connected series or succession of objects; a number of things used or classed together

  4. ''a suite of rooms''

    ''a suite of minerals''

  5. (RQ:Schuster Hepaticae)

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  7. A group of connected rooms, usually separable from other rooms by means of access.

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  9. A musical form, popular before the time of the sonata, consisting of a string or series of pieces all in the same key, mostly in various dance rhythms, with sometimes an elaborate prelude.

  10. An excerpt of instrumental music from a larger work that contains other elements besides the music; for example, the ''Nutcracker Suite'' is the music (but not the dancing) from the ballet ''The Nutcracker'', and the ''Carmen Suite'' is the instrumental music (but not the singing and dancing) from the opera ''Carmen''.

  11. A group of related computer programs distributed together.

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  14. result

  15. sequel

  16. next step, next steps, that which follows, remainder, rest

  17. straight

  18. sequence

  19. fixed, secured

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  27. pursuit (act of pursuing)

  28. suite (gloss)