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rigid englannista suomeksi

  1. jäykkä

  2. tiukka

  3. joustamaton

  1. jäykkä, kankea

  2. kiinteä

  3. jäykkä

  4. peräänantamaton

  5. Substantiivi

rigid englanniksi

  1. Stiff, rather than flexible.

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  3. Fixed, rather than moving.

  4. {{quote-text|en|year=2011|author=David Foster Wallace|title=The Pale King|page=5|publisher=Penguin Books

  5. Rigorous and unbending.

  6. Uncompromising.

  7. An airship whose shape is maintained solely by an internal and/or external rigid structural framework, without using internal gas pressure to stiffen the vehicle (the gas is at pressure); typically also equipped with multiple redundant gasbags, unlike other types of airship.

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  9. A bicycle with no suspension system.

  10. (senseid) to stretch, to distend

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  13. (senseid) to rule, direct

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