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sole englannista suomeksi

  1. jalkapohja

  2. pohja, antura

  3. yksinomainen

  4. meriantura

  5. puolipohjata

  1. ainoa

  2. unmarried|adjective naimaton, widowed|noun leski

  3. jalkapohja

  4. pohja, antura

  5. meriantura

  6. anturoida

  7. Verbi

  8. Substantiivi

sole englanniksi

  1. A wooden band or yoke put around the neck of an ox or cow in the stall.

  2. A pond or pool; a dirty pond of standing water.

  3. To pull by the ears; to pull about; haul; lug.

  4. only

  5. unmarried (especially of a woman); widowed.

  6. The bottom or plantar surface of the foot.

  7. The bottom of a shoe or boot.

  8. (rfdatek)

  9. The ''caliga'' was a military shoe, with a very thick sole, tied above the instep.
  10. The foot itself.

  11. Bible, Genesis 8:9

  12. The dove found no rest for the sole of her foot.
    Hast wandered through the world now long a day, / Yet ceasest not thy weary soles to lead.
  13. solea, a flatfish of the family Soleidae.

  14. The bottom or lower part of anything, or that on which anything rests in standing.

  15. The bottom of the body of a plough; the slade.

  16. The bottom of a furrow.

  17. The end section of the chanter of a set of bagpipes.

  18. The horny substance under a horse's foot, which protects the more tender parts.

  19. The bottom of an embrasure.

  20. A piece of timber attached to the lower part of the rudder, to make it even with the keel.

  21. (rfquotek)

  22. The seat or bottom of a mine; applied to horizontal veins or lodes.

  23. to put a sole on (a shoe or boot)

  24. (inflection of)

  25. (indefinite plural of)

  26. solely

  27. (l) (gloss)

  28. (l), the bottom of a hoof

  29. (l), a piece of timber, a joist

  30. a piece of land devoted to rotation

  31. sun

  32. (l) (gloss)

  33. (syn)

  34. (l)

  35. (l)

  36. (quote-book)|url=|publisher=Molini, Landi e comp.|year_published=1809|page=20|pageurl=|passage=E tu onore di pianti, Ettore, avrai ¶ (..) finché il Sole ¶ Risplenderà sulle sciagure umane.|translation=And you, Hector, will be honored with cryings ¶ (..) as long as the Sun ¶ will shine on the misfortunes of mankind.

  37. (quote-book)|passage=quattro soli e altretante lune il mio corpo né da cibo né da sonno fu riconfortato|translation=for four days and as many nights, my body hadn't been comforted by either food or sleep

  38. (quote-book)|trans-title=Raging Roland|url=|location=Venice|publisher=Printed by Gabriel Giolito|year=1516|year_published=1551|page=164|pageurl=|section=Canto XXXV|passage=Poi diſſe andiamo; e nel ſeguente ſole ¶ Giunſero al fiume|translation=He then said "Let us go"; and in the following day ¶ they reached the river

  39. (quote-book)

  40. (quote-book)|url=|location=Milan|publisher=Giovanni Resnati e Gius. Bernardoni di Gio|section=Book XIX|year=1825|year_published=1840|page=424|pageurl=|original=Ἰλιάς (''Iliás'')|by=(w)|passage=Intero un sole al lagrimar si doni; ¶ Poi con coraggio, chi morì s'intombi|translation=Let an entire day be dedicated to the mourning; ¶ then with bravery, let us bury those who died

  41. (quote-book)|trans-title=Raging Roland|url=|location=Venice|publisher=Printed by Gabriel Giolito|year=1516|year_published=1551|page=26|pageurl=|section=Canto VII|passage=Sotto duo negri e ſottilisſimi archi ¶ Son duo negri occhi, anzi duo chiari Soli|translation=Below two thin, black eyebrows ¶ are two black eyes; nay, two bright suns

  42. (feminine plural of)

  43. (monikko) it|sola

  44. Sun

  45. (l) (qualifier)

  46. (qual) to (l), (l), (l) (qual)

  47. shoe, sandal