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star englannista suomeksi

  1. tähti

  2. esiintyä pääosassa, esittää pääosaa

  3. kiintotähti

  4. tähtitopologia

  5. tähdittää

  6. merkitä asteriskilla

  7. tähdittävä

  1. Substantiivi

  2. Verbi

  3. esittää pääosaa">esittää pääosaa, tähdittää|langname=Finnish|interwiki=1

star englanniksi

  1. Any small luminous dot appearing in the cloudless portion of the night sky, especially with a fixed location relative to other such dots.

  2. (senseid) A luminous body, made up of plasma (particularly hydrogen and helium) and having a spherical shape. Depending on context the sun may or may not be included.

  3. A concave polygon with regular, pointy protrusions and indentations, generally with five or six points.

  4. An actor in a leading role.

  5. (ux)

  6. An exceptionally talented or famous person, often in a specific field; a celebrity.

  7. (RQ:Rinehart Hopwood Bat)—the brief, staccato recital of his career in the morgues of the great dailies grew longer and more incredible each day.

  8. An asterisk (*).

  9. A symbol used to rate hotels, films, etc. with a higher number of stars denoting better quality.

  10. A simple dance, or part of a dance, where a group of four dancers each put their right or left hand in the middle and turn around in a circle. You call them right-hand stars or left-hand stars, depending on the hand which is in the middle.

  11. A planet supposed to influence one's destiny.

  12. (RQ:Shakespeare Henry 6-1)

  13. (RQ:Scott Ivanho)

  14. Men bless their stars and call it luxury.
  15. (RQ:Churchill Celebrity). By the time we reached the house we were thanking our stars she had come.

  16. A star-shaped ornament worn on the breast to indicate rank or honour.

  17. (RQ:Tennyson Maud)on whom (..) / Lavish Honour shower’d all her stars,(..)

  18. A composition of combustible matter used in the heading of rockets, in mines, etc., which, exploding in the air, presents a starlike appearance.

  19. To appear as a featured performer or headliner, especially in an entertainment program.

  20. To feature (a performer or a headliner), especially in a movie or an entertainment program.

  21. (quote-book)

  22. To mark with a star or asterisk.

  23. To set or adorn with stars, or bright, radiating bodies; to bespangle.

  24. (RQ:Young Night-Thoughts)

  25. To shine like a star.

  26. stiff, frozen

  27. rigid

  28. (l) (celebrity)

  29. ''Elle est devenue star.'' - she's become a star.

  30. (l) (gloss)

  31. veil

  32. (syn)

  33. to be (indicates a temporary state)

  34. alternative form of (l)

  35. (nn-former)

  36. (obsolete spelling of)

  37. to be

  38. old

  39. old, aged

  40. (uxi)

  41. To stay or remain

  42. To live (somewhere)