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haul englannista suomeksi

  1. vetää, haalata

  2. apaja

  3. kuljettaa, rahdata

  4. hinaus

  1. Verbi

  2. kiskoa; juontaa

  3. raahata, haalata, kiskoa, laahata, hinata

  4. raahata, haalata, hilata

  5. vetää; hilata little by little

  6. nostaa tuuleen">nostaa tuuleen, luuvata

  7. kääntyä vastaiseen">kääntyä vastaiseen

  8. Substantiivi

haul englanniksi

  1. To transport by drawing or pulling, as with horses or oxen, or a vehicle.

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  3. (quote-book)

  4. To draw or pull something heavy.

  5. (RQ:Pope Odyssey)

  6. (quote-book)’s Æneis. Written in the Year 1636.|mainauthor=(w)|editor=(w)|title=The Works of the English Poets, from Chaucer to Cowper; (...) In Twenty-one Volumes|location=London|publisher=Printed &91;by Whittingham|Charles Whittingham&93; for Johnson (publisher)|Joseph Johnson ''et al.''|year=1810|volume=VII (Cowley, Denham, Milton)|page=240|pageurl=https://books.google.com/books?id=XUwpAAAAYAAJ&pg=PA240|oclc=277665500|passage=A spacious breach we make, and Troy's proud wall, / Built by the gods, by her own hands doth fall; / Thus all their help to their own ruin give, / Some draw with cords and some the monster drive / With rolls and levers: thus our works it climbs, / Big with our fate; the youth with songs and rhimes, / Some dance, some haul the rope; at last let down / It enters with a thundering noise the town, / Oh Troy, the seat of gods, in war renown'd!|footer=(small)

  7. (quote-book) He hoists Dutch colours and fires two guns. This is the signal for a general chase after an imaginary enemy, a chase which continues till he hauls down his flag and fires another gun.

  8. (quote-web)|date=22 May 2016|passage=United lost Smalling|Chris Smalling to a second yellow card for hauling back (w) in extra time – but Lingard|Jesse Lingard took the trophy to Old Trafford when he lashed home a first-time strike from (w)'s half-clearance after 110 minutes.

  9. To carry or transport something, with a connotation that the item is heavy or otherwise difficult to move.

  10. (quote-journal)|date=4 February 1905|volume=XLV|issue=5|page=73|pageurl=https://books.google.com/books?id=YhRCAQAAIAAJ&pg=PA73|column=1|oclc=1821156|passage=The California fruit trade is all handled by the Southern Pacific and the Santa Fe railroads. The last named road operates its own refrigerator cars and fixes its own rates. It hauls fully half of the traffic and it is therefore evident that the "Beef Trust" has no voice or power in the matter. (..) The same condition exists with the melon grower of Colorado, except that in this case the Santa Fe road hauls nearly all of the product.

  11. To drag, to pull, to tug.

  12. (quote-web)|date=21 April 2012|passage=The 26-year-old &91;(w)&93; has proved a revelation since his £10m move from Freiburg|Freiburg, with his 11 goals in 10 matches hauling Newcastle above Hotspur F.C.|Spurs, who went down to (w)'s goal in Saturday's late kick-off at Loftus Road.

  13. ''Followed by'' (l): to summon to be disciplined or held answerable for something.

  14. (quote-hansard)|debate=Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Bill|report=New Zealand. Parliamentary Debates. Fourth Session, Sixteenth Parliament|house=Zealand House of Representatives|House of Representatives|location=Wellington|publisher=John Mackay, government printer|date=6 August 1908|volume=144|page=188|pageurl=https://books.google.com/books?id=CvELAQAAIAAJ&pg=PA188|column=1|oclc=191255532|passage=Well, it is impossible to carry stock by train or steamer without causing some pain or suffering, and to be hauled up before a Justice of the Peace (..) without a warrang because somebody thinks you have caused unnecessary pain seems to me to be an outrageous proceeding. (..) To enact a Draconian law that if anybody who does not know anything about the subject thinks when you are trying to get a bullock into a truck when he will not go you are acting cruelly he can inform the police, and you can be arrested there and then and hauled up before a Justice of the Peace.

  15. To pull apart, as oxen sometimes do when yoked.

  16. To steer (a vessel) closer to the wind.

  17. (antonyms)

  18. (quote-book)|title=Minutes of the Proceedings of a Court-Martial, Assembled on the 23d of September, 1745, (...) to Enquire into the Conduct of Admiral Matthews (w), Vice-Admiral Lestock|Richard Lestock, and Several Other Officers, in and Relating to the Late Engagement between His Majesty’s Fleet and the Combined Fleets of France and Spain off Toulon|location=London|publisher=Published with His Majesty's royal privilege and licence|date=7 October 1745|year_published=1746|page=240|pageurl=https://books.google.com/books?id=Hrjy0DHPPhQC&pg=PA240|oclc=559831649|passage=When the Admiral hauls out of the Line, and remains ſo for ſome Accident, although the Signal for the Line is flying, and the Signal for Battle then out, ought not the other Ships to continue in the Line, doing their Duty, engaging the Enemy?

  19. (quote-book) In Three Volumes|location=London|publisher=Printed for Strahan (publisher)|William Strahan; and Cadell (publisher)|Thomas Cadell(nb...)|date=4 April 1769|year_published=1773|volume=II|page=72|pageurl=https://books.google.com/books?id=zNReAAAAcAAJ&pg=PA72|oclc=745146430|passage=On Tueſday the 4th of April, about ten o'clock in the morning, Mr. Banks's ſervant, Peter Briſcoe, diſcovered land, bearing fourth, at the diſtance of about three or four leagues. I immediately hauled up for it, and found it to be an iſland of an oval form, with a lagoon in the middle, which occupied much the larger part of it; (..)

  20. (quote-book)|edition=4th|location=London|publisher=Printed for Nourse|John Nourse,(nb...)|year=1780|volume=II|section=book VII (Of Plane Sailing), paragraph 43|page=42|pageurl=https://books.google.com/books?id=gBikAAAAMAAJ&pg=RA1-PA42|oclc=16123798|passage=A veſſel ſailing as near as ſhe can to the point from which the wind blows, is ſaid to be cloſe hauled.

  21. Of the wind: to shift fore (more towards the bow).

  22. To (l).

  23. An act of hauling or pulling, particularly with force; a (violent) pull or tug.

  24. (quote-book)|year2=2011|page2=22|pageurl2=https://books.google.com/books?id=WTbzme08hJwC&pg=PA22|isbn2=978-1-61608-339-7|passage=So I rigged my big salmon rod, and when I heard him splashing in the shallows across the pool, I put a few Alka Seltzer tablets onto the hook and cast into the darkness. There was a splash and a haul on my line, and this time I struck with both hands and then began pulling and horsing as hard as I could to bring this big fish over to my side.

  25. The distance over which something is hauled or transported, especially if long.

  26. (quote-book)|year=1921|page=893|pageurl=https://books.google.com/books?id=WquCjJ86704C&pg=RA1-PA893|oclc=1709111|passage=The condition, par excellence, in favor of motor truck operation is one involving long hauls. In fact, it may be almost said that any one having to make long hauls in his business should motorize at once without further debate, as the case for trucks is practically settled by the mere statement of this condition. (..) Transportation involving short hauls is the obverse of the ideal, and as a general thing represents a condition unfavorable for the operation of motor trucks.

  27. (quote-book)|year=2007|section=section 5.6 (Effects on Passengers)|page=232|pageurl=https://books.google.com/books?id=NF1HxR9bLwMC&pg=PA232|isbn=978-0-7506-6439-4|passage=Many routes to/from hubs on which the anti-competitive effects of market power are likely to be most marked are relatively short hauls, whereas many of the through markets most likely to benefit from greater competition are relatively long hauls. If scheduling through hubs causes fares in through (long haul) markets to fall and fares in local (short haul) markets to rise, this can result in the structure of fares by distance reflecting more closely the manner in which average costs vary by route length.

  28. An amount of something that has been taken, especially of fish, illegal loot, or items purchased on a shopping trip.

  29. (quote-journal)

  30. (quote-book)|year=2013|isbn=978-1-4391-4021-5|edition2=1st trade paperback|location2=New York, N.Y.|publisher2=Simon & Schuster Paperbacks|year2=November 2014|page2=173|pageurl2=https://books.google.com/books?id=9aITAAAAQBAJ&pg=PA173|isbn2=978-1-4391-4021-5|passage=Besides Maxim the only other person in sight was a beachcomber so wrapped in scarves he could have been a pilgrim from the Middle Ages. He dragged a sledge with a haul of driftwood, bottles and cans.

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  34. (quote-journal)|location=Sydney, N.S.W.|publisher=(w)|date=24 December 2018|issn=0312-6315|oclc=958159901|passage=Then there are the YouTube hauls, the oddly viral videos of influencers showing off what they got for Christmas. In her 2017 haul that's been watched 1.7 million times, Olivia Jade – a 19-year-old beauty and fashion tipster and the daughter of actress (w) – sat on a plush white bed in polar bear pyjamas and a Santa hat. One by one, she showed off a bottle of Valentino perfume ("sweet mixed with floral"), a cropped, purple fuzzy sweater from Urban Outfitters, bikinis, sneakers, jeans, underwear, high heels, dresses, tops and more.

  35. A bundle of many threads to be tarred.

  36. (quote-book)|editor=(w)|title=Britannica|The Encyclopædia Britannica, Or Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and General Literature|edition=7th|location=Edinburgh|publisher=& C Black|Adam and Charles Black|year=1842|volume=XIX, issue 2|page=461|pageurl=https://books.google.com/books?id=z1hBAAAAcAAJ&pg=PA461|column=2|oclc=9011603|passage=When the collected yarns number about 400, they are coiled up in a haul, and are ready either for tarring, or laying into white ropes. Previous to the haul being taken up for tarring, there is a slight turn put into it to keep it from getting entangled in the tar-kettle. (..) 400 of such threads constituted a haul, and weighed 12 cwt. 2 qrs, and when tarred 15 cwt.

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  39. sun

  40. hall