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door englannista suomeksi

  1. huone

  2. ovi

  3. oviaukko

  4. talo, asunto

  5. tie, pääsy, reitti

  1. Substantiivi

  2. ovi

  3. luukku; ovi

  4. portti

  5. raja

  6. Verbi

door englanniksi

  1. A (l) of entry into a building, room, or vehicle, consisting of a rigid plane movable on a (l). Doors are frequently made of (l) or (l). May have a (l) to help open and close, a (l) to hold the door closed{{, and a (l) that ensures the door cannot be opened without the key.

  2. (RQ:Maxwell Mirror and the Lamp), down the nave to the western door. (..) At a seemingly immense distance the surpliced group stopped to say the last prayer.

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  5. Any flap, etc. that opens like a door.

  6. An entry point.

  7. A means of approach or access.

  8. ''Learning is the door to wisdom.''

  9. A possibility.

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  11. A barrier.

  12. A (l) mechanism by which a user can interact with a (l) running remotely on a (l). See (w).

  13. The proceeds from entrance fees and/or ticket sales at a venue such as a bar or nightclub, especially in relation to portion paid to the entertainers. "The bar owner gives each band a percentage of the door and charges customers more to get in"

  14. To cause a (l) by opening the door of a vehicle in front of an (l) (l) or (l).

  15. through

  16. ''Hij schoot de bal door het raam.''

    He kicked the ball through the window.

  17. across, around (gloss)

  18. ''Dolenthousiast rende het hondje door de kamer.''

    Very enthusiastically the puppy ran around the room.

  19. of, to

  20. ''Door files kan ik niet op tijd komen.''

    Because of traffic jams I'm unable to arrive on time.

  21. by, by means of

  22. ''Hij vermeed een confrontatie door de andere kant op te lopen.''

    He avoided a confrontation by walking the other way.

  23. forward, on

  24. ''Ondanks slecht weer ging het feest toch door.''

    Despite bad weather, the party went on anyway.

  25. through (implying motion)

  26. ''Ik rijd nu de stad door.''

    I'm now driving through the city.

  27. across, around (gloss)

  28. ''Dolenthousiast rende het hondje de kamer door.''

  29. throughout, round (gloss)

  30. (l), (l)

  31. 1869, Frans de Cort, "Walter van de Vogelweide als paedagoog" (article including a poem), in Frans de Cort (ed.), ''De toekomst. Tijdschrift voor opvoeding en onderwijs'', Vol. 3, No. 6, page 245.

  32. Past ook op uwe ooren / Beter dan de doren!


  33. pain

  34. 13th century, Afonso X the wise, ''Cantigas de Santa Maria'', E Codex, Cantiga 206:

  35. ⁊ untou lle bẽ a chaga / ⁊ perdeu Log a door. / ⁊ poſſ el a ſua mão. / ben firme en ſeu logar
    : And anointed well the wound / and soon the pain was gone. / And put his hand / very firmly in its place.
  36. door

  37. to choose