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chamber englannista suomeksi

  1. sulkea huoneeseen

  2. huone

  3. makuuhuone, kamari, makuukamari

  4. kammio

  5. tuomarin virkahuone

  1. Substantiivi

  2. huone room; huoneisto set of rooms

  3. huone

  4. makuuhuone, kamari

  5. toimisto

  6. istuntosali, sali

  7. asuntola

  8. kamari

  9. kammio; allas lock chamber; pesä furnace chamber

  10. patruunapesä

  11. Verbi

chamber englanniksi

  1. A room or set of rooms, ''particularly'':

  2. The private room of an individual, especially of someone wealthy or noble.

  3. (RQ:Poe Raven)

  4. A bedroom.

  5. The private office of a judge.

  6. The room used for deliberation by a legislature.

  7. (label) A single law office in a building housing several.

  8. (label) Rooms in a lodging house.

  9. (RQ:Thackeray Pendennis)

  10. (ellipsis of): a container used for urination and defecation in one's chambers.

  11. (quote-text)

  12. (label) The legislature or division of the legislature itself.

  13. (ux)

  14. Any enclosed space occupying or similar to a room.

  15. An enlarged space in an underground tunnel of a burrowing animal.

  16. The area holding the ammunition round at the initiation of its discharge.

  17. One of the bullet-holding compartments in the cylinder of a revolver.

  18. A short piece of ordnance or cannon which stood on its breech without any carriage, formerly used chiefly for celebrations and theatrical cannonades.

  19. One of the two atria or two ventricles of the heart.

  20. To enclose in a room.

  21. To reside in or occupy a chamber or chambers.

  22. To place in a chamber, as a round of ammunition.

  23. To create or modify a gun to be a specific caliber.

  24. To prepare an offensive, defensive, or counteroffensive action by drawing a limb or weapon to a position where it may be charged with energy.

  25. To be lascivious.

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