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tusk englannista suomeksi

  1. poistaa

  2. tusk

  3. lävistää sarvella

  4. syöksyhammas, torahammas

  1. syöksyhammas

  2. Substantiivi

tusk englanniksi

  1. One of a pair of elongated pointed teeth that extend outside the mouth of an animal such as walrus, elephant or boar.

  2. ''Until the CITES sales ban, elephant tusks were the 'backbone' of the legal ivory trade.''

  3. A small projection on a (tusk) tenon.

  4. A shell.

  5. A projecting member like a tenon, and serving the same or a similar purpose, but composed of several steps, or offsets, called ''teeth''.

  6. A sharp point.

  7. The share of a plough.

  8. To up using a tusk, as boars do.

  9. To gore with the tusks.

  10. To bare or gnash the teeth.

  11. A fish, the torsk ((taxlink)).

  12. pain

  13. A (l) (gloss)

  14. Any long and sharp tooth.

  15. The end of a spear.

  16. tooth

  17. boredom