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wild englannista suomeksi

  1. hourupäinen

  2. villi-, kesyttämätön

  3. kesytön

  4. rauhaton

  5. uhkarohkea

  6. villi

  7. hulluna, hulluna oleva

  8. villinä

  9. erämaa

  10. villisti

  11. kesyttömästi

  12. umpimähkäinen

  13. perusteeton

  1. villi, kesytön, villi-">villi-

  2. villi, hillitön

  3. raju, villi, hillitön, hurja

  4. Substantiivi

wild englanniksi

  1. Untamed; not domesticated; specifically, in an unbroken line of undomesticated animals (as opposed to feral, referring to undomesticated animals whose ancestors were domesticated).

  2. (ant)

  3. (RQ:Shakespeare Lear)

  4. (RQ:Milton Poems)

  5. (quote-journal)| passage=Plant breeding is always a numbers game.(..)The wild species we use are rich in genetic variation, and individual plants are highly heterozygous and do not breed true. In addition, we are looking for rare alleles, so the more plants we try, the better.

  6. (ux)

  7. From or relating to wild creatures.

  8. (senseid) Unrestrained or uninhibited.

  9. Raucous, unruly, or licentious.

  10. Of unregulated and varying frequency.

  11. Visibly and overtly anxious; frantic.

  12. (quote-journal)

  13. Furious; very angry.

  14. Disheveled, tangled, or untidy.

  15. Enthusiastic.

  16. Inaccurate.

  17. Exposed to the wind and sea; unsheltered.

  18. Hard to steer; said of a vessel.

  19. Not capable of being represented as a finite closed polygonal chain.

  20. Amazing, awesome, unbelievable.

  21. Able to stand in for others, e.g. a card in games, or a text character in computer pattern matching.

  22. 2009, Leonardo Vanneschi, Steven Gustafson, Alberto Moraglio, ''Genetic Programming: 12th European Conference''

  23. We define a pattern as a valid GP subtree that might contain wild characters wildcards in any of its nodes.
  24. Inaccurately; not target.

  25. The undomesticated state of a animal

  26. (u)

  27. a wilderness

  28. 1730–1774, (w), ''Introductory to Switzerland''

  29. Thus every good his native wilds impartImprints the patriot passion on his heart;And e’en those ills that round his mansion riseEnhance the bliss his scanty funds supplies.
  30. To commit random acts of assault, robbery, and rape in an urban setting, especially as a gang.

  31. 1989, David E. Pitt, ''Jogger's Attackers Terrorized at Least 9 in 2 Hours'', New York Times (April 22, 1989), page 1:

  32. ...Chief of Detectives Robert Colangelo, who said the attacks appeared unrelated to money, race, drugs, or alcohol, said that some of the 20 youths brought in for questioning has told investigators that the crime spree was the product of a pastime called "wilding"."It's not a term that we in the police had heard before," the chief said, noting that the police were unaware of any similar incident in the park recently. "They just said, 'We were going wilding.' In my mind at this point, it implies that they were going to raise hell."...
  33. 1999, (w) (Trevor Taheim Smith, Jr.), ''Iz They Wildin Wit Us?'' (song)

  34. Now is they wildin with usAnd getting rowdy with us.
  35. (alt form)

  36. wild

  37. game (gloss)

  38. wildlife

  39. wilderness

  40. strange

  41. (syn)

  42. offspring