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closed englannista suomeksi

  1. suljettu

  2. umpimielinen

  3. vain ammattiliiton jäsenille

  1. suljettu, kiinni

  2. salainen

  3. suljettu

  4. Verbi

  5. Substantiivi

closed englanniksi

  1. Sealed, made inaccessible or impassable; not open.

  2. Not operating or conducting trade.

  3. Not public.

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  5. Having an open complement.

  6. Such that its image under the specified operation is contained in it.

  7. Lacking a free variable.

  8. Whose first and last vertices are the same, forming a closed loop.

  9. Formed by closing the mouth and nose passages completely, like the consonants /t/, /d/{{, and /p/.

  10. Having the sound cut off sharply by a following consonant, like the /ɪ/ in (m).

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