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assault englannista suomeksi

  1. rynnäkkö, hyökkäys

  2. hyökätä, käydä kimppuun

  3. väkisinmakuu

  4. maata väkisin

  1. Substantiivi

  2. hyökkäys, päällekarkaus

  3. hyökkäys

  4. pahoinpitelyn yritys">pahoinpitelyn yritys

  5. pahoinpitely

  6. Verbi

  7. hyökätä, käydä päälle, käydä kimppuun

assault englanniksi

  1. Assault

  1. A violent onset or attack with physical means, for example blows, weapons, etc.

  2. (ux)

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  5. Unshaken bears the assault / Of their most dreaded foe, the strong southwest.
  6. *(quote-video game)|title=(w)|location=Redwood City|publisher=Electronic Arts|year=2008|platform=PC|scene=Batarians Codex entry|isbn=9780784546642|oclc=246633669|passage=Hostilities peaked with the Skyllian Blitz of 2176, an attack on the human capital of Elysium by batarian-funded pirates and slavers. In 2178, the Alliance retaliated with a crushing assault on the moon of Torfan, long used as a staging base by batarian-backed criminals. In the aftermath, the batarians retreated into their own systems, and are now rarely seen in Citadel space.

  7. A violent verbal attack, for example with insults, criticism, and the like

  8. An attempt to commit battery: a violent attempt, or willful effort with force or violence, to do hurt to another, but without necessarily touching the person, such as by raising a fist in a threatening manner, or by striking at the person and missing.

  9. The crime whose action is such an attempt.

  10. (senseid) An act that causes someone to apprehend imminent bodily harm (such as (l) a weapon).

  11. The tort whose action is such an act.

  12. A non-competitive combat between two fencers.

  13. To attack, physically or figuratively; to assail.

  14. To threaten or harass. (rfex)

  15. (l); attack