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dog englannista suomeksi

  1. seurata

  2. teline

  3. kaveri

  4. haka

  5. retale

  6. koira

  7. nakkisämpylä

  8. ruma ämmä

  1. Substantiivi

  2. Verbi

  3. jahdata, ajaa takaa

  4. vainota, ahdistaa

  5. lukita, sulkea

dog englanniksi

  1. A mammal, ''familiaris'' or ''lupus familiaris'', that has been domesticated for thousands of years, of highly variable appearance due to human breeding.

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  5. Any member of the Family Canidae, including domestic dogs, wolves, coyotes, jackals, foxes, and their relatives (q); canid.

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  7. A male dog, wolf or fox, as opposed to a bitch or vixen.

  8. 1928, (w), ''Memoirs of a Fox-Hunting Man'', Penguin 2013, page 149:

  9. Firstly, he was there to encourage and assist the hounds (a scratch pack – mostly dog-hounds drafted from fox-hound kennels because they were over-sized) .
  10. A dull, unattractive girl or woman.

  11. A man (derived from definition 2).

  12. A coward.

  13. Someone who is morally reprehensible.

  14. 1599, Greene (dramatist)|Robert Greene, ''Alphonsus, King of Aragon'' (1599). Act 3.

  15. Blasphemous dog, I wonder that the earth / Doth cease from renting vnderneath thy feete, / To swallow vp those cankred corpes of thine.
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  17. (quote-book)

  18. A sexually aggressive man.

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  20. Any of various mechanical devices for holding, gripping, or fastening something, particularly with a tooth-like projection.

  21. (rfc-sense) A click or pallet adapted to engage the teeth of a ratchet-wheel, to restrain the back action; a click or pawl. (See also: ratchet, windlass)

  22. A metal support for logs in a fireplace.

  23. 1902, (w), ''Hound of the Baskervilles|The Hound of the Baskervilles''

  24. In the great old-fashioned fireplace behind the high iron dogs a log-fire crackled and snapped.
  25. The eighteenth Lenormand card.

  26. A dog.

  27. (quote-journal)|date=21 July 1994|passage=Congressmen gleefully wolfed down every imaginable version of the hot dog – smoked kielbasas, jumbo grillers, Big & Juicy's, kosher dogs and spiced dogs (..)

  28. Underdog.

  29. Foot.

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  31. (from "dog and bone") Phone or phone.

  32. One of the cones used to divide up a racetrack when training horses.

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  35. Something that performs poorly.

  36. ''That modification turned his Dodge hemi into a dog.''

  37. A flop; a film that performs poorly at the office.

  38. 1969, ''Ski'' (volume 34, number 4, page 121)

  39. ''Blue'' was released, and as Redford had predicted, it was a dog.
  40. 2012, Ronald L. Davis, ''Duke: The Life and Image of John Wayne''

  41. “When ''The Alamo'' was coming out, the word of mouth on it was that it was a dog,” Chase said.
  42. To pursue with the intent to catch.

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  44. To follow in an annoying or harassing way.

  45. (RQ:Fielding Tom Jones) they were discovered in a very improper manner by the husband of the gypsy, who, from jealousy it seems, had kept a watchful eye over his wife, and had dogged her to the place, where he found her in the arms of her gallant.

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  49. To fasten a hatch securely.

  50. To watch, or participate, in sexual activity in a public place.

  51. To intentionally restrict one's productivity as employee; to work at the slowest rate that goes unpunished.

  52. To criticize.

  53. (quote-av)|season=4|number=18|episode=Shakedown|date=March 30, 1999|network=CBS|text=(w) ((w)): Are you dogging Harm's special meatless meatloaf? (w) ((w)): Let's put it this way. If you were to make the Harmon Special on this ship, they'd have to unload it with the toxic waste.

  54. To divide (a watch) with a comrade.

  55. 1902, Winfield Scott Schley, ''Record of Proceedings of a Court of Inquiry''

  56. A. We never stood 4 to 8 p.m. watches, sir. We dogged our watches.Q. I suppose that is 6 to 8 p.m., then; it is a little indistinct. I mean the second dog watch.
  57. 2015, Tom Vetter, ''30,000 Leagues Undersea''

  58. Meanwhile, we dogged the watch sections so that both halves of the crew could fetch full sea bags of uniforms and gear (..)
  59. (alternative form of) ((inflection of))

  60. however

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  62. though

  63. A large (l), especially one of certain breeds.

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  65. thump, dub (q)

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  68. (qualifier) (l)

  69. proper, lot; added to adj. to reinforce the meaning

  70. ''Dog snål''

    particularly stingy

    ''Dog lat''

    very lazy