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slash englannista suomeksi

  1. viiltohaava

  2. kauttaviiva, vinoviiva

  3. alentua huomattavasti

  4. viillellä

  5. heittelehtiä

  6. viiltää auki

  7. viiltää

  8. viillos

  9. hakkuuaukea

  1. sivallus

  2. huitominen

  3. vinoviiva, kauttaviiva colloquial, kautta when reading out the symbol

  4. viiva

  5. viiltää, sivaltaa

  6. Substantiivi

slash englanniksi

  1. A slashing action or motion, ''particularly'':

  2. A swift, broad, cutting stroke made by an edged weapon or whip.

  3. (ux)

  4. A wild swinging strike of the bat.

  5. A hard swift lateral strike with a stick|hockey or stick, usually across another player's arms or legs.

  6. Any similar wide striking motion.

  7. A sharp reduction.

  8. A mark made by a slashing motion, ''particularly'':

  9. A cut or laceration, often deep, made by an edged weapon or whip.

  10. A deep taper-pointed incision in a plant.

  11. Something resembling such a mark, ''particularly'':

  12. A slit in an outer garment exposing a lining or inner garment, usually of a contrasting color or design; any intentional long vertical cut in a garment. (anchor)

  13. A clearing in a forest, those made by logging, fire, or other violent action.

  14. 1895, (w), ''Little Rivers: A Book of Essays in Profitable Idleness''

  15. We passed over the shoulder of a ridge and around the edge of a fire slash, and then we had the mountain fairly before us.
  16. The mark: the mark/⟩, sometimes inclusive of any mark produced by a similar slashing movement of the pen, as the backslash\⟩.

  17. 1965, Dmitri A. Borgmann, ''Language on Vacation'', page 240:

  18. Initial inquiries among professional typists uncover names like (smallcaps), (smallcaps), (smallcaps), and (smallcaps). Examination of typing instruction manuals discloses additional names such as (smallcaps) and (smallcaps), and other sources provide the designation (smallcaps).
  19. Female genitalia.

  20. The loose woody debris remaining from a slash, the trimmings left while preparing felled trees for removal.

  21. fiction|Slash fiction.

  22. 2013, Katherine Arcement, "Diary", ''London Review of Books'', vol. 35, no. 5:

  23. Comments merely allow readers to proclaim themselves mortally offended by the content of a story, despite having been warned in large block letters of INCEST or SLASH (any kind of sex between two men or two women: the term originated with the Kirk/Spock pairing – it described the literal slash between their names).
  24. To cut or attempt to cut, ''particularly'':

  25. To cut with a swift broad stroke of an edged weapon.

  26. To produce a similar wound with a savage strike of a whip.

  27. To strike swiftly and laterally with a stick, usually across another player's arms or legs.

  28. To reduce sharply.

  29. To create 1|slashes in a garment.

  30. To criticize cuttingly.

  31. To strike violently and randomly, ''particularly'':

  32. To swing wildly at the ball.

  33. To move quickly and violently.

  34. To crack a whip with a slashing motion.

  35. To clear land, with violent action as logging or brushfires or through grazing.

  36. To write fiction.

  37. (non-gloss definition)

  38. (non-gloss definition)

  39. 2001, (w), ''Zoolander'':

  40. What this, the Slashie, means is that you consider me the best actor slash model and not the other way around.

    (ux) is a famous musician/songwriter.

    ''Alternatives can be marked by the slash/stroke/solidus punctuation mark, a tall, right-slanting oblique line.''

    Read: ''Alternatives can be marked by the slash-slash-stroke-slash-solidus punctuation mark, a tall, right-slanting oblique line.''

  41. A drink of something; a draft.

  42. A piss: an act of urination.

  43. ''Where's the gents? I need to take a slash.''

  44. To piss, to urinate.

  45. 1973, Martin Amis, ''The Rachel Papers,'' page 189:

  46. If you can slash in my bed (I thought) don't tell me you can't suck my cock.
  47. A swampy area; a swamp.

  48. A large quantity of watery food such as broth.

  49. To work in wet conditions.

  50. (alternative form of): a deep trough of finely-fractured culm or a circular or elliptical pocket of coal.

  51. slash