suomi-englanti sanakirja

ka englanniksi

  1. Ka

  1. kiloyear (also ky, kyr)

  2. thousands of years ago

  3. ISO 639-1 code for the Georgian language

  4. A spiritual part of the soul in Egyptian mythology, which survived after death.

  5. 1983, (w), ''Ancient Evenings'':

  6. Then, I wondered how long I must wait before seeing my Double, but if I recalled, the Ka was not supposed to appear before the seventy days of embalming were done.
  7. 1990, (w), ''Sexual Personae'':

  8. Hence Dorian's portrait is like the ''ka'' or double of the deceased in Egyptian tombs, heaped with toys and furniture.
  9. 2011, (w), ''American Gods'' (Tenth Anniversary Edition), William Morrow 2013, p. 179:

  10. ‘You could bind the ''ka'' of a man to his body for five thousand years,’ said Jaquel.
  11. To serve or help; used only in the phrase ''"Ka me, ka thee"'' or variants thereof.

  12. 1603, (w), translating Michel de Montaigne, ''Essays'', III.5:

  13. Now nature stood ever on this point, ''Kæ mee Ile kæ thee'', and ever ready to bee even alwaies on recompences and vicissitude of things, and to give as good as one brings.
  14. 1821, (w), ''(novel)|Kenilworth'':

  15. Ka me, ka thee, is a proverb all over the world.
  16. already

  17. from, out, out of, to

  18. (ux)

  19. who, whom

  20. ox

  21. steer

  22. (inflection of)

  23. I ''(first person singular nominative)''

  24. fish

  25. (Latn-def)

  26. you ''(singular)''

  27. you are

  28. in, at

  29. to, towards

  30. (alternative form of).

  31. dominant woman

  32. (l) (gloss)

  33. also, too

  34. ''Tema läks ka metsa.''

    He also went to the forest.

  35. cord

  36. line

  37. rope

  38. string

  39. to bite

  40. to break

  41. to chip

  42. to rummage

  43. look!

  44. Ka!

  45. also, too

  46. (l), (Latn-def)

  47. to squeal

  48. not

  49. case, instance

  50. can, able to

  51. the

  52. (apocopic form of) (gloss)

  53. (uxi)

  54. (ja-romanization of)

  55. yonder

  56. (non-gloss definition)''.

  57. that; (non-gloss definition), (m), (m), (m), (m)), with various different functions:

  58. (a) subject:

    (ux) the fact) that (he) mowed the entire Spilva meadow in two days|inline=1

    (b) attributive complement, (secondary) predicate

    (c) object

    (ux) the fact) that he could not cheer up the girl|inline=1

    (ux) the fact) that a person helps (another) person and a friend - (another) friend!|inline=1

    (d) adverbial complement (manner)

    (ux) in such a way) that one could hear it outside|inline=1

    (e) adverbial complement (cause)

    : (often (m) (m), (m) (m), less frequently (m) (m), (m) (m), “for the reason that”)

    (ux) because) she had allowed herself (to make) this comparison even in thought|inline=1

    (ux) because) they tried to prepare ({{= write) plays without real fervor and zeal|inline=1

    (ux) because) my tooth hurts,” he thought|inline=1

    (ux) because) it is the language of our neighbors and friends|inline=1

    (f) adverbial complement (consequence)

    : (often (m) (m) “so that”)

    (ux) calm) that he abandoned such thought(s)|inline=1

    (ux) in such a way) that the earth began to resound|inline=1

    (ux) cat) almost caught him|inline=1

    (g) adverbial complement (purpose)

    (ux) work) like crazy, (so) that I may get a larger margin ({{= advantage)|inline=1

    (h) adverbial complement (measure, proportion)

    (ux) landowners) became many, (so much) that (they) were swarming|inline=1

    (i) adverbial complement (condition)

    (ux) if) he can't help?|inline=1

    (ux) if) I don't find you anywhere?|inline=1

  59. (non-gloss definition)); may...

  60. (ux) i.e., maybe there will be hail)|inline=1

    (ux) probably are) both finished ({{= dead)|inline=1

  61. (non-gloss definition); ... and ...

  62. (ux) what she needs to sow, i.e. she is certainly carrying out her task)|inline=1

  63. (nonstandard spelling of)

  64. too; also

  65. and

  66. another; not the same

  67. family, household

  68. dove; Turtur orientalis

  69. scissors

  70. bóe pô͘-liāu to buy clothing material(fabric)? -->

  71. to raise; to increase; to add; plus

  72. bed

  73. what (interrogative pronoun); compare to Nynorsk (l)

  74. ''Ka e da du gjere på?''

    What are you doing?

  75. who

  76. what

  77. which

  78. the Pali letter 'k'

  79. (RQ:pi:Kaccayano quote)

  80. to wash

  81. and (switching)

  82. exclamation suggesting a judgment on external events

  83. jackdaw

  84. (alternative form of)

  85. as, like

  86. which ''(feminine)''

  87. which, that, who ''(feminine)''

  88. some ''(feminine)''

  89. from

  90. away from

  91. out of

  92. about, concerning

  93. Name of the letter (m).

  94. and then (used between a series of actions that happened soon closely together)

  95. you ''(second person singular)''

  96. (romanization of)

  97. car

  98. (non-gloss definition)

  99. four

  100. yes

  101. certainly, absolutely

  102. naturally, course

  103. let's (+obj)

  104. but

  105. then (gloss)

  106. than (gloss)