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some englannista suomeksi

  1. aikamoinen, melkoinen, koko

  2. muutama, jokunen

  3. jokin, joku

  4. noin

  5. hiukan

  1. jotkut, muutamat, eräät, osa, jokunen

  2. joitakin, muutamia

  3. jonkin verran, joskus some of the time

  4. jotkut of people, jotkin of things

  5. vähän usually omitted, jokunen

  6. vähän usually omitted

  7. eräs, joku, jokin

  8. joitakin

  9. aikamoinen, melkoinen

  10. jotakin, jotakuinkin, noin, suunnilleen

  11. Substantiivi

  12. Verbi

some englanniksi

  1. A certain number, at least two.

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  4. An indefinite quantity.

  5. An indefinite amount, a part.

  6. A certain proportion of, at least two.

  7. {{quote-book|en|year=2006|author=Charles H Lippy|title=Faith in America Volumes Volumes: Changes, Challenges, New Directions|pageurl=|isbn=9780275986056|page=73|publisher=Greenwood Publishing Group

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  9. An unspecified quantity or number of.

  10. (RQ:Churchill Celebrity)Their example was followed by others at a time when the master of Mohair was superintending in person the docking of some two-year-olds, and equally invisible.

  11. (RQ:Maxwell Mirror and the Lamp)

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  13. An unspecified amount of (something uncountable).

  14. A certain, an unspecified or unknown.

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  16. A considerable quantity or number of.

  17. (RQ:Churchill Celebrity)

  18. approximately, about (with a number).

  19. (senseid) A remarkable.

  20. Of a measurement: approximately, roughly.

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  22. To a certain extent, or for a certain period.

  23. 2014, C. R. Scott, ''Invisible War: Attack the Covenant''

  24. They walked some and talked some.
  25. media

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