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straight englannista suomeksi

  1. suoraan

  2. suora

  3. järjestyksessä, siisti

  4. hetero

  5. rehellinen, vilpitön, rehti

  6. kalkkis

  7. kunnossa, oikein

  8. peräkkäinen

  9. heteroseksuaali, hetero-

  10. johdonmukainen

  11. kuiva

  1. suora

  2. suora, rehellinen, vilpitön

  3. kunto / kunnossa, järjestys / järjestyksessä

  4. raaka, laimentamaton

  5. hetero, heteroseksuaali

  6. suoraan

  7. yhteen menoon

  8. Substantiivi

  9. tavallinen ihminen">tavallinen ihminen

  10. tavallinen savuke">tavallinen savuke

  11. Verbi

straight englanniksi

  1. Not crooked, curly, or bent; having a constant direction throughout its length. (defdate)

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  5. (cap), undeviating. (defdate)

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  9. Perfectly horizontal or vertical; not diagonal or oblique. (defdate)

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  11. Mr. Coniff: He did not have his hat on straight; that is the one thing, is it?
  12. Describing the bat as held so as not to incline to either side; on, or near a line running between the two wickets. (defdate)

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  14. Having all cylinders in a single straight line; in-line.

  15. (cap) in communication; unevasive, straightforward. (defdate)

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  18. (cap) from dishonesty; honest, law-abiding. (defdate)

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  21. (cap) rather than comedic.

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  25. In proper order; as it should be. (defdate)

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  27. In a row, in unbroken sequence; consecutive. (defdate)

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  31. Describing the sets in a match of which the winner did not lose a single set. (defdate)

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  33. Murray started well against Marcos Baghdatis before slumping to defeat in straight sets and the British No1 admitted he may not have been mentally prepared for the rigours of the ATP Tour after a gruelling start to 2011.
  34. Making no exceptions or deviations in one's support of the organization and candidates of a party.

  35. Containing the names of all the regularly nominated candidates of a single party and no others.

  36. (senseid) (cap); mainstream; socially acceptable. (defdate)

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  40. (quote-book)|year=2007|isbn=978-0-307-42056-5|passage="When you say he's a straight guy, you mean(nb..)?" I held up my left hand as if it were a shield and spun my ring around. I told her: "He works on Wall Street.(..)He wouldn't understand my business. He's always had a straight job. His entire life he's been so – so normal that he doesn't even know how normal he is.(..)He doesn't know I'm a hooker. I'm pretending to be a straight chick. And it's working! And that makes him a straight guy. It's ... I feel like Dr. Frankenhooker."

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  47. Occurring between people of opposite sex (sometimes, but not always, specifically between heterosexual people).

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  50. Related to conventional intercourse.

  51. (cot)

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  53. Not using alcohol, drugs, ''etc.'' (defdate)

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  55. Not size; thin.

  56. Strait; narrow.

  57. Stretched out; fully extended. (defdate)

  58. Thorough; utter; unqualified.

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  60. Of spirits: undiluted, unmixed; neat. (defdate)

  61. Sent at a full rate for immediate delivery; being a telegram.

  62. Concerning the property allowing the transport of vectors along a course that keeps tangent vectors remain as such throughout that course (gloss).

  63. OK, right, fine; in a good state or situation.

  64. On good terms.

  65. Of a direction relative to the subject, precisely; as if following a direct line.

  66. ''The door will be straight ahead of you.''

    ''Go straight back.''

  67. (senseid) Directly; without pause, delay or detour.

  68. ''On arriving at work, he went straight to his office.''

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  71. Continuously; without interruption or pause.

  72. ''He claims he can hold his breath for three minutes straight.''

  73. Of speech or information, without prevarication or holding back; directly; straightforwardly; plainly.

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  75. Something that is not crooked or bent such as a part of a road or track.

  76. Five cards in sequence.

  77. A heterosexual.

  78. A normal person; someone in mainstream society.

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  80. (quote-book) more than any other work revealed the split vision towards space exploration among many in the counter-culture: a romantic vision of the freedom offered by space that had been fostered by a lifetime of science fiction consumption, immersion in a technological society, the countercultural yearning for speed and “the road,” and, thanks to LSD and other hallucinogens, a unique preappreciation of space traveling not available to straights, versus the bland, oppressive vision of exploration offered by NASA, itself just one part of a larger destructive system that was devastating Earth and that could only offer further oppression in space, not liberation.

  81. A cigarette, particularly one containing tobacco instead of marijuana. (defdate)

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  84. A straight = a straighter = a straight cut, une cigarette en tabac de Virginie.
  85. A chiropractor who relies solely on spinal adjustment, with no other treatments.

  86. (ant)

  87. A cat that has straight ears despite belonging to a breed that often has folded ears.

  88. 2021, B. J. Deming, ''25 More Facts About House Cats''

  89. A hopeful sign of compromise is the growing popularity of Scottish Fold "straights" (cats like Maru, without droopy ears).
  90. To straighten.

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  92. Of a work of art: it straight|played straight, not daring to break conventions.

  93. (l), heterosexual

  94. (l), directly

  95. (l) (gloss)