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thin englannista suomeksi

  1. laimentaa

  2. laihduttaa

  3. ohut

  4. hoikka, solakka, laiha

  5. ohentua, oheta

  6. ohentaa

  7. heikko

  8. ohuena

  9. kapea

  1. ohut

  2. laiha, hoikka, solakka

  3. ohut, laiha

  4. niukka, harva, vähälukuinen

  5. Substantiivi

  6. ohentuma

  7. lastu

  8. Verbi

  9. ohentaa

  10. oheta, ohentua

  11. laimentaa, laimentua

  12. harventaa

thin englanniksi

  1. Having little thickness or extent from one surface to its opposite.

  2. (ux)

  3. (RQ:Orwell Animal Farm)

  4. Out of spite, the human beings pretended not to believe that it was Snowball who had destroyed the windmill: they said that it had fallen down because the walls were too thin.
  5. Very narrow in all diameters; having a section that is small in all directions.

  6. Having little body fat or flesh; slim; slender; lean; gaunt.

  7. ''thin person''

  8. Of low viscosity or low gravity.

  9. ''Water is thinner than honey.''

  10. Scarce; not close, crowded, or numerous; not filling the space.

  11. ''The trees of a forest are thin; the corn or grass is thin.''

  12. (RQ:Addison Ital)

  13. Ferrara is very large, but extremely thin of people.
  14. Describing a poorly played golf shot where the ball is struck by the bottom part of the club head. See fat, shank, toe.

  15. Lacking body or volume; small; feeble; not full.

  16. (RQ:Dryden Don Sebastia)

  17. thin, hollow sounds, and lamentable screams
  18. Slight; small; slender; flimsy; superficial; inadequate; not sufficient for a covering.

  19. ''a thin disguise''

  20. Of a route: relatively little used.

  21. 2016, Hartmut Wolf, ‎Peter Forsyth, ‎David Gillen, ''Liberalization in Aviation'' (page 105)

  22. In short, we previously found that thin routes benefit from an increase in competition in the Spanish airline market when considering routes that were monopoly routes in 2001.
  23. Poor; scanty; without money or success.

  24. 1945, Jack Henry, ''What Price Crime?'' (page 92)

  25. Like their friends the "draggers," the "hoisters" or shoplifters are having a thin time these days, (..)
  26. A loss or tearing of paper from the back of a stamp, although not sufficient to create a complete hole.

  27. Any food produced or served in thin slices.

  28. ''chocolate mint thins''

    ''potato thins''

    ''wheat thins''

  29. To make thin or thinner.

  30. To become thin or thinner.

  31. ''The crowds thinned after the procession had passed: there was nothing more to see.''

  32. To dilute.

  33. To remove some plants or parts of plants in order to improve the growth of what remains.

  34. (quote-journal) (Gardening)| date=5 September 2015| page=3| passage=So floriferous are Asian pears, and the tree so laden with young fruit, that as the tree approaches maturity it is worth considering thinning the fruit (I can't quite bring myself to thin the flowers) so as to neither overburden the tree for this year nor tire it for the next. Thinning early in the season, while the fruit is small, is ideal.

  35. Not thickly or closely; in a scattered state.

  36. ''seed sown thin''

  37. (RQ:Bacon War with Spain)

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  40. thy, your (gloss)

  41. thine, yours

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