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shank englannista suomeksi

  1. sääri, pohje

  2. soketti

  3. taivos

  4. kara

  5. shank

  6. reisi

  7. varsi

  1. Substantiivi

  2. sääri in humans, potka in animals

  3. potka, etupotka front leg, takapotka hind leg

  4. varsi

  5. kahva, otin, ripa

  6. Verbi

shank englanniksi

  1. The part of the leg between the knee and the ankle.

  2. I of England|Edward I of England was nicknamed Edward Longshanks.

  3. (RQ:Shakespeare As You Like It)

  4. Meat from that part of an animal.

  5. A redshank or greenshank, various species of World birds in the genus ''Tringa'' having distinctly colored legs.

  6. A straight, narrow part of an object, such as a key or an anchor; shaft; stem.

  7. (RQ:Conrad Mirror of the Sea)

  8. The handle of a pair of shears, connecting the ride to the neck.

  9. The center part of a fishhook between the eye and the hook, the 'hook' being the curved part that bends toward the point.

  10. A protruding part of an object, by which it is or can be attached.

  11. The metal part on a bit that falls below the mouthpiece, which length controls the severity of the leverage action of the bit, and to which the reins of the bridle are attached.

  12. A poorly played golf shot in which the ball is struck by the part of the club head that connects to the shaft.

  13. (quote-book)

  14. An improvised stabbing weapon.

  15. (syn)

  16. (quote-song)

  17. (quote-book)|publisher=Emanate Books|isbn=9780785224525|page=76|pageurl=|text=One of the shot callers{{' responsibilities was to control the shanks within the prison population—the crude homemade knives used for stabbing another prisoner.

  18. A loop forming an eye to a button.

  19. The space between two channels of the Doric triglyph(defdate).

  20. A large ladle for molten metal, fitted with long bars for handling it.

  21. The body of a type; between the shoulder and the foot.

  22. The part of the sole beneath the instep connecting the broader front part with the heel.

  23. Flat-nosed pliers, used by opticians for nipping off the edges of pieces of glass to make them round.

  24. The end or remainder, particularly of a period of time.

  25. The main part or beginning of a period of time.

  26. (ux)

  27. To travel on foot.

  28. To stab, especially with an improvised blade.

  29. To remove another's trousers, especially in jest; to depants.

  30. To misstrike the ball with the part of the club head that connects to the shaft.

  31. To hit or kick the ball in an unintended direction.

  32. {{quote-journal

  33. To fall off, as a leaf, flower, or capsule, on account of disease affecting the supporting footstalk; usually followed by (m).

  34. {{quote-text|en|year=1861|author=Charles Darwin|title=Cause of the variation of flowers

  35. To provide (a button) with a shank (gloss).

  36. 2000, ''The Indian Textile Journal'' (volume 110, issues 7-12)

  37. The system is suitable for shanking all kind of sewn buttons (jackets, coats, blouses, shirts, trousers).
  38. To apply the shank to a shoe, during the process of manufacturing it.

  39. 1986 March 6, "Factory Work" ''Poetry'', 147, quoted in 2009, Deborah Boe, ''The Girl of the Early Race: Poems'', Gegensatz Press ((ISBN)):

  40. I take those metal shanks, slide the backs of them in glue and make them lie down on the shoe-bottoms, (..) Last week they ran a contest to see which shankers shanked fastest. I'm not embarrassed to say I beat them all.
  41. Bad.