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shoulder englannista suomeksi

  1. hartia, olka

  2. lapa

  3. nostaa olalleen

  4. tunkea, käyttää kyynärpäitään

  5. olkapää, hartiat

  6. olkanivel

  7. tien reuna

  8. ottaa niskoilleen

  1. Substantiivi

  2. hartia

  3. hartia, hartiat (monikko) , harteet (monikko) , olka, olkapää

  4. piennar, tienreuna

  5. Verbi

shoulder englanniksi

  1. The part of an animal's body between the base of the neck and forearm socket.

  2. The part of the human torso forming a relatively horizontal surface running away from the neck.

  3. (ux)

  4. (RQ:Jefferies Amateur Poacher).

  5. (RQ:EHough PrqsPrc)

  6. The joint between the arm and the torso, sometimes including the surrounding muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

  7. A cut of meat comprising the upper joint of the foreleg and the surrounding muscle.

  8. The portion of a garment where the shoulder is clothed.

  9. Anything forming a shape resembling a human shoulder.

  10. A shelf between two levels.

  11. A verge to the side of a road.

  12. The portion of a hill or mountain just below the peak.

  13. (RQ:Scott Heart of Midlothian)the north-western shoulder of the mountain(..)

  14. A lateral protrusion of a hill or mountain.

  15. The angle of a bastion included between the face and flank.

  16. An abrupt projection which forms an abutment on an object, or limits motion, etc., such as the projection around a tenon at the end of a piece of timber.

  17. The flat portion of type that is below the bevelled portion that joins up with the face.

  18. The portion between the neck and the body.

  19. The rounded portion of a stringed instrument where the neck joins the body.

  20. The rounded portion of a bottle where the neck meets the body.

  21. The angled section between the neck and the main body of a cartridge.

  22. That which supports or sustains; support.

  23. (RQ:Shakespeare Henry 6-3)in thy ſhoulder do I builde my Seate;

  24. The part of a key between the cuts and the bow.of a Yale lock-type key.svg|thumb|Parts of a Yale lock-type key

  25. The part of a wave that has not yet broken.

  26. To push (a person or thing) using one's shoulder.

  27. (RQ:Spenser Faerie Queene)As they the earth would ſhoulder from her ſeat,(..)

  28. 1714, (w), ''The Tragedy of Jane Shore''

  29. ''Around her numberless the rabble flowed, / Shouldering each other, crowding for a view.''
  30. To put (something) on one's shoulders.

  31. 1922, A. M. Chisholm, ''A Thousand a Plate''

  32. Early in the morning they shouldered light packs, took their rifles, crossed the big draw, and entered the timber where was the deadfall.
  33. (quote-book)

  34. To place (something) against one's shoulders.

  35. To bear a burden, as a financial obligation.

  36. To accept responsibility for.

  37. To form a shape resembling a shoulder.

  38. To move by or as if by using one's shoulders.

  39. (RQ:Kipling Jungle Book)a yoke of the great sulky white bullocks (..) came shouldering along together;

  40. To round and slightly raise the top edges of slate shingles so that they form a tighter fit at the lower edge and can be swung aside to expose the nail.

  41. To slope downwards from the crest and whitewater portion of a wave.

  42. Of a servant: to embezzle money from (the employer).