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meat englannista suomeksi

  1. sisältö

  2. liha

  1. Substantiivi

  2. liha

  3. tavara, ydin

  4. läskipää

  5. Verbi

meat englanniksi

  1. The flesh (muscle tissue) of an animal used as food. (defdate)

  2. (ux)

  3. (quote-book)|year=1983|publisher=Knopf|ISBN=0679722106|passage=In many parts of the world, shark meat is an acceptable and desirable form of protein.|page=144

  4. {{quote-journal|en|date=19 October 2010|author=Andy Atkins|title=Debate on meat-eating does not cut the mustard|journal=The Guardian|

  5. A type of meat, by anatomic position and provenance. (defdate)

  6. Food, for animals or humans, especially solid food. See also (m). (defdate)

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  11. As full of fun and frolic as an egg is full of meat.
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  13. The way she said ‘dinner’ and the way she said ‘champagne’ gave meat and liquid their exact difference(nb..).
  14. A type of food, a dish. (defdate)

  15. A meal. (defdate)

  16. Meal; flour.

  17. Any relatively thick, solid part of a fruit, nut etc. (defdate)

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  19. She took her spoon and stirred the melted butter into the yellow meat of the yam.
  20. A penis. (defdate)

  21. 1993, Nancy Friday, ''Women on top: how real life has changed women's sexual fantasies'', page 538

  22. He sits me on the floor (the shower is still beating down on us). He lays me down and slides his huge meat into me.
  23. 2006 John Patrick, ''Play Hard, Score Big'', page 54

  24. Just the tight, hot caress of his bowels surrounding my meat gave me pleasures I had only dreamed of before that day.
  25. 2011, Wade Wright, ''Two Straight Guys'', page 41

  26. Both men were completely, and very actively into this face fucking! Suddenly Bill pulled off of Jim's meat and said,
  27. The best or most substantial part of something. (defdate)

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  29. (..)it is time to begin "A Dialogue between Viator and Piscator," which is the meat of the matter.
  30. The spot of a bat or club (in cricket, golf, baseball etc.). (defdate)

  31. A meathead.

  32. A totem, or a clan or clansman which uses it.

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  34. When a stranger comes to an aboriginal camp or settlement in north-western NSW, he is asked by one of the older aborigines: "What meat (clan) are you?"
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  36. Granny Sullivan was ‘dead against’ the match at first because they did not know "what my meat was and because I was a bit on the fair side."
  37. (quote-book)

  38. (quote-book)usually married the red kangaroo "meat".

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  40. That’s a beautiful goanna.(nb..). He’s my meat, can’t eat him.
  41. (inflection of)

  42. meatus