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  1. jauho

  2. ateria

  3. ruokailu

  1. ateria

  2. jauho

  3. Substantiivi

  4. Verbi

meal englanniksi

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  4. (senseid) Food that is prepared and eaten, usually at a specific time, and usually in a comparatively large quantity (as opposed to a snack).

  5. (ux)

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  7. He that will cast meal upon meal is not able to have (a) long life.
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  9. I have been there and taken deal / And have had many (a) merry meal.
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  11. But above all things beware that thou eat not till thou feel thy stomach empty and that it hath made good digestion of the first meal.
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  13. Besides he was so fantastical and unruly in his appetites, that he used no common meats at his meals, but was fed with the combs of cocks, the tongues of peahens.
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  15. Sir, I was thrice at Lamhith, to have dined with the Archeb since your departure, and still he was to dine, at the Court or with some Bishop. But I must and will find him as soon as I may: and rather at a meal, then otherwise, because I would have means, to participate at large, about our Collation.
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  18. Give me but so many meals, and thou shalt find me one of the strongest Turkish males that ever English gennet bore.
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  20. This letter was written whilst my hostess of the George was preparing the last meal I ever was to eat.
  21. 1835, Edgar Allan Poe, ''The Unparalleled Adventure of One Hans Pfaall''ː

  22. Puss, who seemed in a great measure recovered from her illness, now made a hearty meal of the dead bird, and then went to sleep with much apparent satisfaction.
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  25. After the meal, he rinsed the cans from which they had eaten (marveling again at his own water extravagance), and when he turned around, Jake was asleep again.
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  28. In this recipe, I go even further, adding a robust salad to turn a lone cheese into a satisfying summer meal.
  29. Food served or eaten as a repast.

  30. a1450, The Macro Playsː

  31. If thou wilt fare well at meat and meal, come and follow me.
  32. 1855, Walt Whitman, ''Leaves of Grass''ː

  33. This is the meal pleasantly set ... . this is the meat and drink for natural hunger. It is for the wicked just the same as the righteous.
  34. {{quote-journal|en|year=2012|month=March-April|author=Anna Lena Phillips|volume=100|issue=2|page=172

  35. A break taken by a officer in order to eat.

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  37. They recorders can be turned off while officers are on meal or in the car to protect their private conversations (..)
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  39. “I was on meal when I heard the call on the radio and recognized the address. What the hell?”
  40. A time or an occasion.

  41. ''The Lamentation of the Virgin Mary (MS. Cantab., Ff. ii., 38, fol. 47.)'', in: 1847, Thomas Wright (editor), ''The Chester Plays: A Collection of Mysteries founded upon scriptural Subjects, and formerly represented by the Trades of Chester at Whitsuntide'', vol. II, p. 208f.:

  42. Ye wolde wepe at every mele; But for my sone wepe ye never a dele.
    : You would weep at every meal, but for my son you never weep a deal.
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  44. (..) by occasion whereoff thai woll than at ev''er''y mele groche w''i''t''h'' the kinge (..)
    : (..) by occasion whereof they will, then at every meal, grouch with the king (..)
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  46. Which was to them a sorry meal.
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  48. Also soon as the dragons together feal, betwixt them shall begin a sorry meal.
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  50. What mean ye.. to make mourning at ilk a meal?
  51. 1481, William Caxton, ''Reynard the Fox''ː

  52. I shall do late you have so much that ten of you should not eat it at one meal.
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  54. Of all the day throughout, keep I no better meal than on her to think.
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  56. Thou couth well weep at every meal.
  57. (senseid) The coarse-ground edible part of various grains often used to feed animals; flour or a coarser blend than flour.

  58. To yield or be plentiful in meal.

  59. 1876, ''Notes and Queries'' (page 73)

  60. Of course the yield of grain was small, but much greater than could have been expected; and, the ears being well filled, it mealed well. The pastures were burnt up, so that there was nothing left for the cattle to eat.
  61. A speck or spot.

  62. A part; a fragment; a portion.

  63. To defile or taint.

  64. *(RQ:Shakespeare Measure)

  65. steep, scarped shore region

  66. boondocks

  67. meaning

  68. honey

  69. enjoy