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defile englannista suomeksi

  1. sola

  2. liata

  3. tahrata

  4. tummentua

  1. tahrata

  2. marssia jonossa">marssia jonossa

  3. sola

  4. jono

  5. Substantiivi

defile englanniksi

  1. To make (someone or something) physically dirty or unclean; to befoul, to soil.

  2. (synonyms)


  3. (RQ:Latimer Lords Prayer) It is an euil birde that defiles his owne neſt, (..)

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  8. To make (someone or something) morally impure or unclean; to corrupt, to tarnish.

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  11. To act inappropriately towards or vandalize (something sacred or special); to desecrate, to profane.

  12. (ux)

  13. (RQ:Coverdale Bible)

  14. To cause (something or someone) to become ritually unclean.

  15. (RQ:Coverdale Bible) Make not youre ſoules abhominable, and defyle you not in them, to ſtayne youre ſelues: for I am the LORDE youre God. Therfore ſhal ye ſanctifie youre ſelues, that ye maye be holy, for I am holy. And ye ſhal not defyle youreſelues on eny maner of crepynge beeſt, that crepeth vpon earth: (..)

  16. (RQ:King James Version).

  17. To deprive (someone) of their sexual chastity or purity, often not consensually; to deflower, to rape.

  18. (RQ:King James Version)&93;, he tooke her, and lay with her, and defiled her.

  19. (RQ:Prior Solomon) vvere declar'd his Foes? / VVhen ev'ry Object his Offence revil'd, / The Husband murder'd, and the VVife defil'd, / The Parent's Sins impreſs'd upon the dying Child?

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  21. To dishonour (someone).

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  24. To become dirty or unclean.

  25. (quote-book)|location=London|publisher=(...) John Hancock, Senior and Junior,(nb...)|month=January 16 (Gregorian calendar)|year=1672|year_published=1673|page=79|pageurl=|oclc=1179538319|passage=You vvill find if you do not daily ſvveep you houſes, they vvill defile; and the cob-vvebs they vvill grovv; the Spiders vvill be at vvork; and though your hearts be never ſo pure, Spiders vvill creep into them, (..)

  26. To cause uncleanliness; specifically, to pass feces; to defecate.

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  28. To march in a single file or line; to file.

  29. (RQ:Hume History)

  30. (RQ:Hume History)&93; made an unexpected march towards Calais.

  31. (quote-book)|series=Vintage Contemporaries|location=New York, N.Y.|publisher=Vintage International, (w)|year=1979|year_published=May 1992|page=138|pageurl=|isbn=978-0-679-73632-5|passage=They pigs defiled down a gully to the water and bunched and jerked their noses at it and came back.

  32. To march across (a place) in files or lines.

  33. A narrow passage or way (originally , one which soldiers could only march through in a single file or line), especially a narrow gorge or pass between mountains.

  34. (RQ:Defoe Crusoe)

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  36. (RQ:Byron Childe Harold) I roam / By Thrasimene's lake, in the defiles / Fatal to Roman rashness, more at home; (..)

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  38. (quote-book) ''c.'' 470–413 (smallcaps)|translator=(w)|title=Lives|The Rise and Fall of Athens: Nine Greek Lives(nb...)|series=(w)|seriesvolume=L102|location=London|publisher=(w)|year=1960|year_published=1967|page=239|pageurl=|oclc=850969609|passage=The next morning the enemy were on the march before him, seized the defiles, blocked the fords of the rivers, destroyed the bridges, and sent out cavalry to patrol the open ground, so as to oppose the Athenians at every step as they retreated.

  39. (quote-journal)|location=Shepperton, Surrey|publisher=Ian Allen Publishing|month=January|year=1962|section=photograph caption|page=17|issn=0026-8356|oclc=884584817|passage=On the final stages of the run from Inverness Class 5 4-6-0 No. 45066 winds its train through narrow rock defiles alongside Loch Carron at the approach to Kyle of Lochalsh.

  40. An act of marching in files or lines.

  41. A single file of soldiers; any single file.

  42. (synonym of)

  43. An act of defilading a fortress or other place, or of raising the exterior works in order to protect the interior.

  44. parade; procession; march-past

  45. (syn)

  46. march-past