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steep englannista suomeksi

  1. jyrkkä

  2. jyrkänne

  3. uppoutua

  4. uuttaa, liottaa

  5. kohtuuton

  1. jyrkkä

  2. liottaa

  3. kyllästää

steep englanniksi

  1. Of a near-vertical gradient; of a slope, surface, curve, etc. that proceeds upward at an angle near vertical.

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  3. expensive

  4. Difficult to access; not easy reached; lofty; elevated; high.

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  6. resulting in a mast or windshield angle that strongly diverges from the perpendicular

  7. The steep side of a mountain etc.; a slope or acclivity.

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  9. To soak or wet thoroughly.

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  11. To imbue with something; to be deeply immersed in.

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  14. To make tea (or other beverage) by placing leaves in hot water.

  15. A liquid used in a steeping process

  16. ''Corn steep has many industrial uses.''

  17. A bag.