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wet englannista suomeksi

  1. märkä

  2. kastella

  3. märkyys

  4. kostea

  5. maitoa tuottava

  6. tillin-tallin, tillin-tallin oleva

  1. märkä

  2. saamaton, nössö

  3. Substantiivi

  4. Verbi

  5. kastella

  6. kastua

wet englanniksi

  1. Made up of liquid or moisture, usually (but not always) water.

  2. (synonyms)


  3. Of an object, etc.: covered or impregnated with liquid, usually (but not always) water.

  4. (antonyms)

  5. Of a burrito, sandwich, or other food: covered in a sauce.

  6. 2000, Robert Allen Palmatier, ''Food: a dictionary of literal and nonliteral terms'', page 372:

  7. A chimichanga (MWCD: 1982) is a burrito that is deep-fried, rather than baked, and is served in the fashion of a wet burrito.
  8. 2005, ''Restaurant business'', Volume 104, Issues 1-10

  9. The new item is its first "wet," or sauce-topped, burrito.
  10. 2011, J. Gabriel Gates, Charlene Keel, ''Dark Territory'', page 13

  11. But I'm getting the wet burrito.” Ignacio looked down at some sort of a tomato sauce–covered tortilla tube.
  12. Of calligraphy and pens: depositing a large amount of ink from the nib or the feed.

  13. Of a sound recording: having had audio effects applied.

  14. Of weather or a time period: rainy.

  15. 1637, (w), ''(w)'', London: Humphrey Robinson, p.(nbs)32,http://name.umdl.umich.edu/A07555.0001.001

  16. Summer drouth, or singed aire
    Never scorch thy tresses faire,
    Nor wet Octobers torrent flood
    Thy molten crystall fill with mudde,
  17. (quote-journal)

  18. Using afterburners or water injection for increased engine thrust.

  19. Of a person: inexperienced in a profession or task; having the characteristics of a rookie.

  20. (of a female) Sexually aroused and thus having the vulva moistened with vaginal secretions.

  21. Ineffectual, feeble, showing no strength of character.

  22. 1924, Marks|Percy Marks, ''The Plastic Age'', ch. XVII:

  23. "Wet! What currency that bit of slang has—and what awful power. It took me a long time to find out what the word meant, but after long research I think that I know. A man is wet if he isn't a 'regular guy'; he is wet if he isn't 'smooth'; he is wet if he has intellectual interests and lets the mob discover them; and, strangely enough, he is wet by the same token if he is utterly stupid. He is wet if he doesn't show at least a tendency to dissipate, but he isn't wet if he dissipates to excess. A man will be branded as wet for any of these reasons, and once he is so branded, he might as well leave college … "
  24. 2020, Johnson|Boris Johnson quoted in "Proms ro Johnson calls for end to 'cringing embarrassment' over UK history," by Jim Waterson, ''The Guardian,'' Aug. 25, 2020:

  25. “I think it’s time we stopped our cringing embarrassment about our history, about our traditions, and about our culture, and we stopped this general fight of self-recrimination and wetness."
  26. Permitting alcoholic beverages.

  27. (quote-book)

  28. Refreshed with liquor; drunk.

  29. (syn)

  30. c. 1694, Prior|Matthew Prior, “Celia to Damon”

  31. When my lost Lover the tall Ship ascends, / With Musick gay, and wet with Iovial Friends
  32. Of a scientist or laboratory: working with biological or chemical matter.

  33. Employing, or done by means of, water or some other liquid.

  34. Involving assassination or "work".

  35. ''a wet affair; a wet job; wet stuff''

  36. ''Of a Quaker'': liberal with respect to religious observance.

  37. 1811. (w), ''Letter to the Boston Patriot'', §25. Reprinted in 1856. (w) (ed.), ''The Life of John Adams, Second President of The United States''. Boston: Little, Brown and Company, p. 661.

  38. The Catholics thought him almost a Catholic. The Church of England claimed him as one of them. The Presbyterians thought him half a Presbyterian, and the Friends believed him a wet Quaker. The dissenting clergymen in England and America were among the most distinguished asserters and propagators of his renown. Indeed, all sects considered him, and I believe justly, a friend to unlimited toleration in matters of religion.
  39. Liquid or moisture.

  40. (RQ:Milton Paradise Regained)

  41. Rainy weather.

  42. ''Don't go out in the wet.''

  43. Rainy season. (often capitalized)

  44. 1938, Herbert|Xavier Herbert, ''(novel)|Capricornia'', New York: D. Appleton-Century, 1943, Chapter XI, page 186-7, https://archive.org/details/capricornianovel00herb

  45. They'll be in the camp (..) before the Wet's out, mark my words.
  46. 2006, (w), ''Carpentaria'', Giramondo 2012, p. 365:

  47. He said he wanted to beat the clouds gathering, before the Wet had properly settled itself over the plains again.
  48. 2015, David Andrew, ''The Complete Guide to Finding the Mammals of Australia'', Csiro Publishing, Appendix B, page 380 https://books.google.ca/books?id=XBnyCgAAQBAJ&printsec=frontcoverv=onepage&q&f=false

  49. Northern Australia is tropical and subject to a prolonged wet season (often called simply 'the Wet') that may last from December to April (..). The Wet features high humidity, heavy rain, flooding that can cut off towns and roads for days on end, and, in most years, violent cyclones that cause high seas, widespread damage and sometimes loss of life.
  50. A moderate Conservative; especially, one who opposed the hard-line policies of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s.

  51. An alcoholic drink.

  52. 1974, (w), ''The Book of Ebenezer Le Page'', New York 2007, page 60:

  53. ‘A pity,’ said Jim, ‘I thought we was going to have a free wet.’
  54. One who supports the consumption of alcohol and thus opposes Prohibition.

  55. c. 1952-1996, (w), quoted in 1996

  56. The drys were as unhappy with the second part of the speech as the wets were with the first half.
  57. A tyre for use in wet weather.

  58. 2004, Jonathan Noble, Mark Hughes, ''Formula One Racing For Dummies'' (page 303)

  59. Wets, designed to channel water away from underneath the tyres, maximise grip and minimise the chance of aquaplaning.
  60. A weak or sentimental person; a wimp or softie.

  61. 1984, ''British Book News'' (page 324)

  62. Above all, he Molesworth is his own man, resolutely committed to a view of life that divides his fellow pupils into 'sissies', 'wets', 'swots' and 'old lags'.
  63. To cover or impregnate with liquid.

  64. To make (oneself, clothing, a bed, etc.) wet by accidental urination.

  65. ''Johnny wets the bed several times a week.''

    ''The toddler wet her nappy.''

  66. To make or become wet.

  67. To form an intermetallic bond between a solder and a metal substrate.

  68. To celebrate by drinking alcohol.

  69. 1826, Thomas Bayly Howell, Thomas Jones Howell, ''A Complete Collection of State Trials and Proceedings''

  70. He invited some officers and other gentlemen to dine with him at the Dolphin tavern in Tower street, June 17, 1706, in order to wet his commission (..)

    ''to wet the baby's head''

  71. (misspelling of)

  72. To kill or seriously injure.

  73. (quote-song) |album=of Pain (album)|House of Pain |note=track 2 |author=(w) |url=https://genius.com/68113 |text=I'm coming to get ya, I'm coming to get ya / Spitting out lyrics, homie, I'll wet ya

  74. law

  75. (l)

  76. wet

  77. clubbing; party; partying

  78. to go out for clubbing or parties

  79. law (gloss)

  80. of nature

  81. (nl-verb form of)

  82. (l) (gloss)

  83. (l), watery

  84. (l), rainy

  85. liquid, fluid

  86. damp, moist, waterlogged

  87. marshy, boggy

  88. Something that is considered alchemically wet

  89. teary, weepy

  90. bloody, bloodstained

  91. sweaty, having sweat

  92. Water or another liquid

  93. wetness; wateriness

  94. Alchemical wetness

  95. Rain, raininess

  96. (inflection of)

  97. wet

  98. wait

  99. side