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watery englannista suomeksi

  1. vetinen

  2. vesimäinen

  3. tahmainen

  4. vesi-

  1. vesimäinen">vesimäinen, vettä muistuttava">vettä muistuttava

  2. läpimärkä

  3. vetinen

  4. kelmeä

  5. ponneton

  6. vuotava

watery englanniksi

  1. Resembling or characteristic of water.

  2. 2005, Robert L. Mott, ''Radio Sound Effects''

  3. The prop also gave a good watery sound to those early radio rainstorms.
  4. Wet, soggy or soaked with water.

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  6. Diluted or having too much water.

  7. Thin and pale therefore suggestive of water.

  8. Weak and insipid.

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  10. Discharging water or similar substance as a result of disease etc.

  11. ''I took my cat to the vet because I was worried about his watery eyes.''

  12. Tearful.