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damp englannista suomeksi

  1. hiljentää

  2. heikentää

  3. kostea

  4. hillitä

  5. kosteus

  6. vaimentaa

  1. kostea

  2. Substantiivi

  3. kosteus

  4. kaivoskaasu

  5. Verbi

  6. sammuttaa, tukahduttaa

  7. vaimentaa

damp englanniksi

  1. A

  1. In a state between dry and wet; (l) (l); (l).

  2. 25 January 2017, Leena Camadoo writing in ''(w)'', ''Dominican banana producers at sharp end of climate change''

  3. Once the farms have been drained and the dead plants have been cut down and cleared, farmers then have to be alert for signs of black sigatoka, a devastating fungus which flourishes in damp conditions and can destroy banana farms.
  4. (RQ:Dryden Aeneis)

  5. (ux)

  6. Despondent; dispirited, downcast.

  7. 27 July 2016, Jane O’Faherty in ''The (w)'', Monarchs and prison officers win big on second race day

  8. Though Travis's 'Why does it always Rain on Me' boomed around the stands, there were few damp spirits in Galway on day two of the races.
  9. (RQ:Milton Paradise Lost)

  10. Permitting the possession of alcoholic beverages, but not their sale.

  11. (quote-book)

  12. Moisture; humidity; dampness.

  13. (RQ:Shakespeare All's Well)

  14. (quote-text)

  15. (RQ:Woolf Orlando)

  16. (quote-book)|location=London|publisher=Faber|year_published=2010|chapter=10|page=115|pageurl=https://archive.org/details/isbn_9780571272129|passage=We sometimes kept our Wellingtons on the whole day, leaving trails of mud and damp through the rooms.

  17. Fog; fogginess; vapor.

  18. (RQ:Milton Paradise Lost) with black air / Accompanied, with damps and dreadful gloom.

  19. (RQ:Hardy Woodlanders)

  20. Dejection or depression; something that spoils a positive emotion (such as enjoyment, satisfaction, expectation or courage) or a desired activity.

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  22. 1728, George Carleton (attributed to (w)), ''The Memoirs of an English Officer'', London: E. Symon, p.(nbs)72,http://name.umdl.umich.edu/004787619.0001.000

  23. But though the War was proclaim’d, and Preparations accordingly made for it, the Expectations from all receiv’d a sudden Damp, by the as sudden Death of King ''William''.
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  26. (RQ:Dickens David Copperfield) Mrs. Gummidge (..), I am sorry to relate, cast a damp upon the festive character of our departure, by immediately bursting into tears (..)

  27. 1866, (w), letter to A. Wills dated 2(nbs)January, 1866, in ''Life and Letters of James David Forbes'', London: Macmaillan, 1873, p.(nbs)429,https://archive.org/stream/lifelettersofjam00shaiuoft

  28. (..) I was concerned to hear from your brother that Mrs. Wills’ health had prevented her accompanying you to Sixt as usual. It must have thrown a damp over your autumn excursion (..)
  29. A gaseous product, formed in coal mines, old wells, pits, etc.

  30. To dampen; to make moderately wet

  31. (syn)

  32. To out, as fire; to weaken, restrain, or make dull.

  33. {{quote-text|en|year=1887|author=Sir John Lubbock|title=The Pleasures of Life

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  36. {{quote-text|en|year=1744|author=Mark Akenside|title=The Pleasures of the Imagination

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  38. To suppress vibrations (mechanical) or oscillations (electrical) by converting energy to heat (or some other form of energy).

  39. (quote-journal)

  40. steam

  41. (infl of)

  42. vapour (''UK''), vapor (''US'')

  43. (alt form)

  44. vapour (UK), vapor (US)

  45. DAMP (a controversial psychiatric diagnosis made mainly in Sweden and Denmark, now abolished, similar to ADHD)

  46. hyperactivity, crazy, etc.

  47. (verb form of)