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fat englannista suomeksi

  1. rasva

  2. satoisa, rehevä

  3. suuri

  4. paksu

  5. lihottaa

  6. lihava, pulska, läski

  7. rasva-

  8. lihavuus

  9. rasvakudos

  1. lihava, läski derogatory, paksu, punkero, paksukainen, ylipainoinen

  2. paksu

  3. satoisa, lihava, runsas

  4. rasva, silava, läski

  5. rasva

  6. lihottaa

  7. Substantiivi

  8. Verbi

fat englanniksi

  1. file allocation table

  1. Carrying more fat than usual on one's body; plump; not lean or thin.

  2. (ux)

  3. 1932, New Orleans (La.) Board of Health, ''Vox Sanitatis''

  4. While Hennessey is pouring the milk, the fat guy with the big pot-belly, will come over and write a lot of junk in his little book.
  5. 2014, Isabel Quintero, ''Gabi, a Girl in Pieces'', Cinco Puntos Press ((ISBN)), page 46:

  6. Because, really, who would like the fat girl? Sebastian said I was crazy for thinking that.
  7. Thick.

  8. (RQ:Ferguson Zollenstein)

  9. So this was my future home, I thought! (..) Backed by towering hills, the but faintly discernible purple line of the French boundary off to the southwest, a sky of palest Gobelin flecked with fat, fleecy little clouds, it in truth looked a dear little city; the city of one's dreams.
  10. Bountiful.

  11. Oily; greasy; unctuous; rich (q).

  12. Exhibiting the qualities of a fat animal; coarse; heavy; gross; dull; stupid.

  13. (RQ:KJV)

  14. 1855 July 21, (w), ''letter to Whitman|Walter Whitman''

  15. making our western wits fat & mean
  16. Fertile; productive.

  17. Rich; producing a large income; desirable.

  18. 1882, (w), ''Reminiscences''

  19. now parson of Troston, a fat living in Suffolk
  20. Abounding in riches; affluent; fortunate.

  21. (RQ:South 1), "Why Christ's Doctrine was Rejected"

  22. persons grown fat and wealthy by a long and successful imposture
  23. Of a character which enables the compositor to make large wages; said of matter containing blank, cuts, or many leads, etc.

  24. Being a shot in which the ground is struck before the ball.

  25. 1992, DeDe Owens, ‎Linda K. Bunker, ''Advanced Golf: Steps to Success'' (page 81)

  26. Hitting a thin shot from a fairway bunker is more productive than hitting a fat shot.
  27. Of a role: significant; major; meaty.

  28. 1965, Edmund Fuller, ''A Pageant of the Theatre'' (page 131)

  29. He is what the theatre calls a “fat” role — a man suddenly confronted by a terrible duty. He is called upon to revenge the murder of his father and to right a wrong against the state.
  30. 1997, Harold Clurman, ''On Directing'' (page 12)

  31. He seeks a fat role in a hit show, lest he diminish his market value.
  32. 2012, Greg Robinson, ‎Larry S. Tajiri, ''Pacific Citizens'' (page 9)

  33. Joe Hirakawa, formerly of the Seattle Civic Repertory Theatre, was a waterfront peddler in “Madame Butterfly” and had a fat role in “Beauty Parlor,” an indie.
  34. (alternative form of) (rfex)

  35. A specialized animal tissue with a high oil content, used for long-term storage of energy.

  36. A refined substance chemically resembling the oils in animal fat.

  37. {{quote-book|en|title=Formerly known as food|author=Kristin Lawless|year=2018|ISBN=9781250078315|page=32

  38. That part of an organization deemed wasteful.

  39. An erection.

  40. A poorly played shot where the ball is struck by the top part of the club head. (see also thin, shank, toe)

  41. The best or richest productions; the best part.

  42. Work containing much blank, or its equivalent, and therefore profitable to the compositor.

  43. A fat person.

  44. 1996, (w), "Local Swing Fever", highlighted by ''National Enquirer'' in September 1996 and Daily Mail in January 2019

  45. Prefer military, bodybuilders, jocks. No smokers or fats please.
  46. A beef cattle fattened for sale.

  47. (quote-book)

  48. To make fat; to fatten.

  49. To become fat; to fatten.

  50. A large tub or vessel for water, wine, or other liquids; a cistern.

  51. (RQ:Authorized Version)

  52. 1882, James Edwin Thorold Rogers, ''A History of Agriculture and Prices in England'', volume 4, page 429:

  53. In 1431 New College purchases brewing vessels, under the names of a mash fat, for 6s. 10d., a wort fat for 2s., a 'Gilleding' tub for 2s. 6d., and two tunning barrels at 8d. each, a leaden boiler for 24s., another for 12s., and a great copper beer pot for 13s. 4d.
  54. A measure, generally equal to nine bushels.

  55. luck

  56. chance

  57. (syn), (l), (l)

  58. fate

  59. destiny

  60. spouse

  61. (cln) (l)

  62. fate, destiny

  63. bland, insipid

  64. (syn)

  65. clear, transparent

  66. dandy, a man obsessed with his looks

  67. conceited

  68. (inflection of)

  69. done, made

  70. ripe

  71. fact, deed

  72. bright white

  73. vat

  74. item of clothing

  75. fact

  76. (l)

  77. vessel

  78. fattened, fatted

  79. (l), (l)

  80. (l), (l), (l)

  81. (nn-verb-form of)

  82. fat

  83. vessel, cup

  84. fattened

  85. story

  86. 2010, Rino John Gliosca, “Bonifacio en Amérique”:

  87. {{quote|svm|Drugi fat ka vami hočam povidat je do jenga čeljada ka sa zovaša Bonifač.
  88. saucer; a small dish

  89. plate (''serving dish'')

  90. barrel (''oil or wine''), cask, keg (''beer'')

  91. barrel; a unit of volume. Usually referring to the oil barrel of 158.9873 liters

  92. father

  93. to shelter