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  1. o

  1. oo

  2. Substantiivi

o englanniksi

  1. O

  2. Z

  1. The fifteenth letter of the script|basic modern Latin alphabet.

  2. close-mid back rounded vowel

  3. (Latn-def)

  4. A zero (qualifier).

  5. (ux)

  6. alternative form of O (vocative particle)

  7. 2007 (1640), ''The Bay Psalm Book'', Cosimo Classics, p.37, 41 & 46:

  8. I lift my soule to thee o Lord
    mee, o Iehovah, heare
    In thee, o Lord, I put my trust
  9. (alternative form of)

  10. Operator

  11. Object, see SVO

  12. Over

  13. (senseid) (alternative form of)

  14. Oh!

  15. vocative particle placed in front (or attached at the end) of personal names or nouns; used when addressing someone to reinforce the call. Attached to indefinite forms:

    (l) + (l)(l) (Oh Coby!)

    • (indefinite form) (l) + (l)(l) (Oh Coby!)

  16. the

  17. (uxi)

  18. or

  19. he, she, it

  20. tooth

  21. The script|Latin letter O (lowercase o).

  22. (syn)

  23. that

  24. about

  25. for

  26. (ngd)

  27. 1867, Sigurd MÜLLER, ''Digte'', page 132

  28. O, du dødsens Sol / O, forbandede Sol, / Som har seet, hvad jeg saae!
    : O sun of death / O accursed sun / Who has seen what I saw!
  29. (rfdate), (w), ''Det forjættede land: Med forord af Kristian Bang Foss'', Gyldendal A/S ((ISBN))

  30. ... løftede i ekstase blikket mod stjernehimlen og bad: „O, min Fader i det høje, ... du ... du alene forstøder mig ikke!
    : ... ecstatically lifted his gaze towards the starry sky and prayed: "O my Father in the high, ... you ... you alone will not repudiate me!
  31. 1926, ''Tilskueren''

  32. Min Elskede, o min Elskede. Sabine. Men Du maa bort.
    : My beloved, o my beloved. Sabine. But you must leave.
  33. 1854, ''Henrik Wergelands Samlede Skrifter'', page 341

  34. Giulio: (..) O forhadte Venedig, aldrig meer jeg dig vil se!
    : Giulio: (..) O loathsome Venice, I never want see you again!
  35. oh

  36. The fifteenth letter of the Dutch alphabet.

  37. (non-gloss definition) (the)

  38. (quote-book)

  39. octet (gloss)

  40. (non-gloss definition)

  41. he, she (third person singular subject pronoun; short form)

  42. the (when it follows the noun)

  43. the

  44. (inflection of)

  45. O

  46. 1843, Gallus Schwab, ''Gebetbuch für katholische Christen'', Bamberg, p.45:

  47. Sei gegrüßet, o Du mein Jesu! Mit tieftster Demuth bete ich Dich an und verehre Dich!
  48. (romanization of)

  49. house

  50. or, lest

  51. of, belonging to

  52. (apocopic form of)

  53. (misspelling of)

  54. (ja-romanization of)

  55. A letter of the Latin alphabet.

  56. (non-gloss definition)''.

  57. o! (vocative particle)

  58. (Q)

  59. 4th century, Jerome|St Jerome, Vulgate, Judges 3:19

  60. et reversus de Galgalis ubi erant idola dixit ad regem verbum secretum habeo ad te o rex et ille imperavit silentium egressisque omnibus qui circa eum erant (Then returning from Galgal, where the idols were, he said to the king: I have a secret message to thee, O king. And he commanded silence: and all being gone out that were about him,)
  61. oh!

  62. (non-gloss definition)/(l).

  63. and, but (gloss)

  64. (nonstandard spelling of)

  65. of

  66. 2006, Joanne Barker, ''Sovereignty Matters'', page 208:

    In 1979 a gathering of elders at the Waananga kaumatua affirmed te reo Maori ''“Ko te reo te mauri o te mana Maori” the language is the life principle of Maori mana''.

  67. island

  68. The twenty-second letter of the scriptNavajo alphabet|Navajo alphabet:

  69. o = (IPAchar)

    ǫ = (IPAchar)

    ó = (IPAchar)

    ǫ́ = (IPAchar)

    oo = (IPAchar)

    ǫǫ = (IPAchar)

    óo = (IPAchar)

    ǫ́ǫ = (IPAchar)

    oó = (IPAchar)

    ǫǫ́ = (IPAchar)

    óó = (IPAchar)

    ǫ́ǫ́ = (IPAchar)

  70. (non-gloss definition): will; to.

  71. (senseid) (l) (gloss)

  72. 13th Century - Cantiga de Santa Maria no. 23

  73. Esta é como Santa Maria acrecentou o vinho no tonel, por amor da bõa dona de Bretanha.
    : This is how Holy Mary added the wine to the barrel, out of love for the good lady of Britain;
  74. 13th Century - Cantiga de Santa Maria no. 48

  75. Esta é como Santa Maria tolheu a agua da fonte ao cavaleiro.
    : This is how Holy Mary restricted the water of the fountain from the knight.
  76. about (concerning)

  77. at (qualifier)

  78. with

  79. on, against

  80. by (qualifier)

  81. (senseid) (Latn-def)

  82. (RQ:mul:Rowling Harry Potter)

  83. (senseid) him, it (''as a direct object; as an indirect object, see'' lhe; ''after prepositions, see'' ele).

  84. possessive particle marking an inalienable possession; of

  85. 2008, Sharon Chester, ''A wildlife guide to Chile'', page 15:

    Polynesians are thought to have arrived at Easter Island around AD 800. They called the island ''Rapa Nui'', or more familiarly ''Te Pito o Te Henua'', the Navel of the World.

  86. (infl of): a/an (gloss)

  87. her

  88. (he/she) might

  89. from

  90. The 21st letter of the Serbo-Croatian Latin alphabet (gajica), preceded by (l) and followed by (l).

  91. about, concerning, of, on

  92. about, concerning

  93. water

  94. liquid

  95. river

  96. Name of the letter (m).

  97. eitheror

  98. (n-g)

  99. O (particle)

  100. ''Så låt nu, o konung, härom utfärda ett förbud och sätta upp en skrivelse''

    Now, O king, establish the decree, and sign the writing (Daniel 6:8)

  101. the letter o

  102. the Greek letter omega, being the last letter of the Greek alphabet

  103. '' Jag är A och O, den förste och den siste, begynnelsen och änden.''

    I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last. (Revelations 22:13)

  104. (abbreviation of)

  105. aunt, father's sister

  106. (Latn-def) ''It is preceded by (l) and followed by (l).''

  107. he, him

  108. he

  109. (l), (l) ''(vocative particle)''