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sister englannista suomeksi

  1. sisar, sisko

  1. Substantiivi

  2. sisko, sisar

  3. sisar

  4. sairaanhoitajatar

  5. Verbi

sister englanniksi

  1. Sister

  1. A daughter of the same parents as another person; a female sibling.

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  3. A female member of a order; especially one devoted to more active service; a nun.

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  5. Any butterfly in the genus (taxlink), so named for the resemblance of the dark-colored wings to the black habit traditionally worn by nuns.

  6. A senior or supervisory nurse, often in a hospital.

  7. Any woman or girl with whom a bond is felt through common membership of a race, profession, religion or organization, such as feminism.

  8. (quote-song) and (w)|album=Who’s Zoomin' Who?|title=Sisters Are Doin’ It for Themselves|passage=Sisters are doing it for themselves / Standing on their own two feet

  9. A black woman.

  10. 2009, Rajen Persaud, ''Why Black Men Love White Women'', Simon and Schuster ((ISBN)), page (gbooks):

  11. The short “naps” of the average Sister do not sway in the wind as that of a blonde.
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  14. A woman, in certain labour or socialist circles; also as a form of address.

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  16. An entity that has a special or affectionate, non-hierarchical relationship with another.

  17. A node in a structure that shares its parent with another node.

  18. Something in the same class.

  19. To strengthen (a supporting beam) by fastening a second beam alongside it.

  20. To be sister to; to resemble closely.

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  22. Deep clerks she dumbs; and with her needle composes
    Nature's own shape, of bud, bird, branch, or berry,
    That even her art sisters the natural roses;
    Her inkle, silk, twin with the rubied cherry
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