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good englannista suomeksi

  1. hyvä, etu, hyöty

  2. tarkka, perinpohjainen, kunnon

  3. tavara

  4. järkevä, perusteltu, viisas

  5. hieno

  6. miellyttävä, mukava

  7. ystävällinen, kiltti

  8. arvostettu

  9. voimassa oleva, aito, pätevä

  10. hyveellinen

  11. hyvin

  12. kiva

  13. tuore, pilaantumaton

  14. reilu, kelpo, melkoinen

  15. suotuisa

  16. voimassa

  17. osaava

  18. hyödyllinen

  1. hyvä

  2. hyvä, terveellinen

  3. mukava, hauska, kiva

  4. tavara, kauppatavara

  5. Substantiivi

  6. Verbi

good englanniksi

  1. Acting in the interest of what is beneficial, ethical, or moral.

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  5. **: If any man would begin his sins to reny, or any good people that frae vice deed rest ain. What so ever he were that to virtue would apply, But an ill tongue will all overthrow again.

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  7. Competent or talented.

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  11. And Marsha says I am a good cook!
    : (audio)
  12. Able to be depended on for the discharge of obligations incurred; of unimpaired credit; used with ''for''.

  13. Well-behaved (especially of children or animals).

  14. Satisfied or ease; not requiring more.

  15. Accepting of, OK with

  16. Of high rank or birth.

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  18. Useful for a particular purpose; functional.

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  20. Against cough and scarceness of breath caused of cold take the drink that it hath been sodden in with Liquorice, or that the powder hath been sodden in with dry figs, for the same the electuary called dyacalamentum is good, and it is made thus.
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  22. Effective.

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  24. Real; actual; serious.

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  26. Having a particularly pleasant taste.

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  28. Soupes dorye. — Take gode almaunde mylke (..) caste þher-to Safroun an Salt (..)
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  30. dorrẹ̅, dōrī adj. & n. (..) cook. glazed with a yellow substance; pome(s ~, sopes ~. (..) 1381 Pegge Cook. Recipes page 114: For to make Soupys dorry. Nym onyons (..) Nym wyn (..) toste wyte bred and do yt in dischis, and god Almande mylk.
  31. Being satisfying; meeting dietary requirements.

  32. Of food or other perishable products, still fit for use; not yet expired, stale, rotten, etc.

  33. Valid, of worth, capable of being honoured.

  34. True, valid, of explanatory strength.

  35. Healthful.

  36. Pleasant; enjoyable.

  37. Favourable.

  38. Unblemished; honourable.

  39. Beneficial; worthwhile.

  40. (RQ:Maxwell Mirror and the Lamp)Next day she(..)tried to recover her ward by the hair of the head. Then, thwarted, the wretched creature went to the police for help; she was versed in the law, and had perhaps spared no pains to keep on good terms with the local constabulary.

  41. Adequate; sufficient; not fallacious.

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  44. Very, extremely. See (m).

  45. Ready

  46. Holy (qualifier) .

  47. Reasonable in amount.

  48. Large in amount or size.

  49. (ux)(nowrap)(nowrap)(nowrap).

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  51. Full; entire; least as much as.

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  53. That is good; (non-gloss definition).

  54. ''Good! I can leave now.''

  55. Well; satisfactorily or thoroughly.

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  59. The one thing that we can't do''...''is throw out the baby with the bathwater.''...'' We know our process works pretty darn good and, uh, it’s really sparked this amazing phenomenon of this''...''high-quality website.
  60. *(quote-video game) (Priority: Earth)|oclc=962368035|passage=(w): You did good, child. You did good. I'm proud of you.

  61. The forces or behaviours that are the enemy of evil. Usually consists of helping others and general benevolence.

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  63. (ant)

  64. A result that is positive in the view of the speaker.

  65. The abstract instantiation of goodness; that which possesses desirable qualities, promotes success, welfare, or happiness, is serviceable, fit, excellent, kind, benevolent, etc.

  66. ''He is an influence for good on those girls.''

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  69. An item of merchandise.

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  71. To thrive; fatten; prosper; improve.

  72. To make good; turn to good; improve.

  73. To make improvements or repairs.

  74. To benefit; gain.

  75. To do good to (someone); benefit; cause to improve or gain.

  76. To satisfy; indulge; gratify.

  77. To flatter; congratulate oneself; anticipate.

  78. To furnish with dung; manure; fatten with manure; fertilise.

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  80. Nature was like itself , in it , in the world : God hath taken it in from the barren downs , and gooded it : his choice did not find , but make it thus
  81. (alt form)

  82. (l)

  83. good

  84. good (of good quality or behaviour)

  85. good (morally right or righteous)

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  88. advantageous, wealthy, profitable, useful

  89. large; of a great size or quantity

  90. Having a great degree or extent.