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  1. (non-gloss definition).

  2. ''She sells dogs, cats, and birds.''

  3. (RQ:mul:Rowling Harry Potter)

  4. ''The dull, incessant droning.''

    ''Mr. Kershner says, "You should know how to use a comma."''

    ''Feb. 14, 1987, was the target date.''

    ''Austin, Texas''

    ''Smith, John''

    ''John Smith, PhD''

    ''The cat was white; the dog, brown.'' (Here the comma replaces ''was''.)

    ''I hope, John, that you will read this.''

  5. (non-gloss definition)

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  7. Choose ''View'', ''Screen Show'', ''Edit Effect'' to provide transition effects such as Fade and Blinds.
  8. The separator|thousands separator used in some countries.

  9. ''I have 1,258 flags.''

  10. Used for the numbering system|Indian numbering system.

  11. The separator|decimal separator used in some countries.

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