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scale englannista suomeksi

  1. valloittaa tikapuiden avulla

  2. skaalata, mitoittaa, muuttaa mittakaavaa

  3. suomustaa

  4. sävelasteikko, asteikko, skaala

  5. mittakaava

  6. arvoasteikko

  7. vaakakuppi, vaaka

  8. mallintaa

  9. hilse

  10. mitata

  11. kiivetä päälle

  12. kiivetä, kivuta

  13. lehti

  14. laatta

  15. suomu

  1. asteikko

  2. mittakaava, skaala, luokka

  3. mittakaava

  4. asteikko, sävelasteikko, skaala

  5. skaalata, muuttaa mittakaavaa">muuttaa mittakaavaa, suurentaa scale up, pienentää scale down, muuttaa kokoa">muuttaa kokoa

  6. kiivetä, kivuta

  7. skaalautua, mukautua

  8. punnita

  9. suomu

  10. hilse

  11. pajahilse

  12. suomupanssari

  13. suomustaa

  14. hilseillä

  15. poistaa hilse">poistaa hilse

  16. kuoria, höylätä

  17. vaakakuppi

  18. Substantiivi

scale englanniksi

  1. (senseid) A ladder; a series of steps; a means of ascending.

  2. (senseid) An ordered, usually numerical sequence used for measurement; means of assigning a magnitude.

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  4. (senseid) Size; scope.

  5. (quote-journal)

  6. (senseid) The ratio of depicted distance to actual distance.

  7. (senseid) A line or bar associated with a drawing, used to indicate measurement when the image has been magnified or reduced.

  8. (RQ:Schuster Hepaticae)

  9. (senseid) A series of notes spanning an octave, tritave, or pseudo-octave, used to make melodies.

  10. (senseid) A mathematical base for a numeral system; radix.

  11. (coi)

  12. (senseid) Gradation; succession of ascending and descending steps and degrees; progressive series; scheme of comparative rank or order.

  13. (RQ:Milton Divorce) which for want of studying in right order, all the world is in confusion.

  14. (senseid) A standard amount of money to be paid for a service, for example union-negotiated amounts received by a performer or writer.

  15. (senseid) To change the size of something whilst maintaining proportion; especially to change a process in order to produce much larger amounts of the final product.

  16. To climb to the top of.

  17. (RQ:Burroughs Land That Time Forgot)

  18. {{quote-text|en|year=1932|author=Dorothy L Sayers|title=Have his Carcase|chapter=1

  19. (RQ:Roethke Collected)

  20. To tolerate significant increases in throughput or other potentially limiting factors.

  21. To weigh, measure or grade according to a scale or system.

  22. (RQ:Shakespeare Coriolanus)

  23. (senseid) Part of an overlapping arrangement of many small, flat and hard pieces of keratin covering the skin of an animal, particularly a fish or reptile.

  24. (hypo)

  25. (RQ:Milton Paradise Lost)

  26. A small piece of pigmented chitin, many of which coat the wings of a butterfly or moth to give them their color.

  27. A flake of skin of an animal afflicted with dermatitis.

  28. Part of an overlapping arrangement of many small, flat and hard protective layers forming a pinecone that flare when mature to release nut seeds.

  29. The flaky material sloughed off heated metal.

  30. mail|Scale mail (as opposed to mail).

  31. Limescale.

  32. A insect.

  33. The thin metallic side plate of the handle of a pocketknife.

  34. To remove the scales of.

  35. (syn)

  36. To become scaly; to produce or develop scales.

  37. To strip or clear of scale; to descale.

  38. To take off in thin layers or scales, as tartar from the teeth; to pare off, as a surface.

  39. 1684-1690, (w), ''Sacred Theory of the Earth''

  40. if all the mountains and hills were scaled, and the earth made even
  41. To separate and come off in thin layers or laminae.

  42. (RQ:Bacon Sylva Sylvarum)

  43. To scatter; to spread.

  44. To clean, as the inside of a cannon, by the explosion of a small quantity of powder.

  45. (RQ:Scott Old Mortality)caused to be scaled and loaded

  46. A device to measure mass or weight.

  47. Either of the pans, trays, or dishes of a balance or scales.

  48. (monikko) it|scala

  49. flake

  50. ladder

  51. hut, hovel