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  1. matelija

  1. Substantiivi

  2. matelija

reptile englanniksi

  1. A cold-blooded vertebrate of the class ''Reptilia''.

  2. A mean or grovelling person.

  3. (RQ:Fielding Tom Jone)

  4. This work may, indeed, be considered as a great creation of our own; and for a little reptile of a critic to presume to find fault with any of its parts, without knowing the manner in which the whole is connected, and before he comes to the final catastrophe, is a most presumptuous absurdity.
  5. (RQ:Dickens Pickwick Paper)

  6. "That reptile," whispered Pott, catching Mr. Pickwick by the arm, and pointing towards the stranger. "That reptile — Slurk, of the Independent!"
  7. 1847, Brontë|Emily Brontë, ''Wuthering Heights'', chapter XXVII:

  8. {...} If I pitied you for crying and looking so very frightened, you should spurn such pity. Ellen, tell him how disgraceful this conduct is. Rise, and don’t degrade yourself into an abject reptile—don’t!’
  9. A member of the clade ''Sauropsida''.

  10. Creeping; moving on the belly, or by means of small and short legs.

  11. Grovelling; low; vulgar.

  12. ''a reptile race or crew; reptile vices''

  13. (RQ:Burke Regicide Peac)

  14. There is also a false, reptile prudence, the result not of caution, but of fear.
  15. (RQ:Coleridge Chri)

  16. And dislodge their reptile souls / From the bodies and forms of men.
  17. reptile

  18. (inflection of)