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extra englannista suomeksi

  1. lisä-

  2. ekstra-

  3. poikkeuksellisen, erityisen

  4. lisäpainos, lisänumero

  5. statisti

  1. ylimääräinen, lisä-, ekstra-

  2. ylimääräinen, lisä-

  3. erityisen

  4. Substantiivi

  5. lisänumero

extra englanniksi

  1. Beyond what is due, usual, expected, or necessary; extraneous; additional; supernumerary.

  2. (ux)

  3. Extraordinarily good; superior.

  4. the top|Over the top; going beyond what is normal or appropriate, often in a dramatic manner.

  5. 2017, Yael Livneh, "Whole Foods", in "Get The Inside Soup: Staffers Review Local Soup Stops", 3 February 2017, page 23:

  6. I highly recommend getting some more bread on the side—they offer small loaves and soup crackers for free, but I'm so extra, I bought my own loaf.
  7. {{quote-journal|en|year=2017|author=Claire Craig|title=Instabeauty|journal=Northern Woman|month=November|titleurl=https://issuu.com/graphics81/docs/northern_woman_november_2017|page=48

  8. 2019, Michelle Spottswood, quoted in Kirby Myers, "Does Christmas in your house start before or after Thanksgiving", ''Key West Weekly'', 21 November 2019, page 7:

  9. Two months of Christmas trees, Christmas movies and Christmas music brings so much fun to our home, we are so extra with it!
  10. (seemoreCites)

  11. To an extraordinary degree.

  12. Something additional, such as an item above and beyond the ordinary school curriculum, or added to the usual charge on a bill.

  13. (syn)

  14. An extra edition of a newspaper, which is printed outside of the normal printing cycle, for example to report an important late-breaking event.

  15. (ux)

  16. A run scored without the ball having hit the striker's bat - a wide, bye, bye or ball.

  17. (synonyms)

  18. A supernumerary or walk-on in a film or play.

  19. The state or trait of being the top, of behaving in an overly dramatic manner.

  20. Something of an extra quality or grade. (rfex)

  21. of the highest quality

  22. (l) (gloss)

  23. (l), walk-on

  24. extra

  25. purpose

  26. something extra, something in addition

  27. (l), additional

  28. great, super, famous

  29. (l), supplement

  30. (alternative form of)

  31. (uxi)

  32. specifically (for a given purpose)

  33. aside, apart, separately

  34. particularly, very

  35. extra (gloss)

  36. luxury features (gloss)

  37. (l)

  38. select (best quality)

  39. (l) (something additional)

  40. of, from, not including

  41. on the outside

  42. outside of

  43. beyond

  44. anything that is (l)

  45. bonus (gloss)

  46. (l); walk-on (gloss)

  47. additional, (l)

  48. superior

  49. extraordinary

  50. (l) (in a film)